Friday, September 12, 2014


Through an independent investigation I have verified that Montoya went to Arnold Flores and demanded he advertise on his blog, during the primary campaign.  We all know how it works - like he said to Rick Zayas when he lost to Luci Longoria - "had you paid me maybe the election would have gone the other way."

 Further, I have prepared and delivered to the proper authorities an affidavit stating Ms. Flores did not send me the above picture.  I had never heard of Ms. Flores until I read her name and false claims against her on the blog.  I have never communicated with her.

As soon as I have permission to post the criminal complaint against Luci Longoria I will.  It will include the documents generated by Luci Longoria.  Let me explain something - no one born alive would ever take a criminal complaint to Luis Saenz unless it were against someone he dislikes, or after they donated thousands of dollars to his political campaign.

Let's see if Montoya is willing to post his evidence which proves as he says Ms. Flores sent me this picture.  He has no evidence, but he keeps on throwing out the claim in hopes it sticks.

And where is Carlos Elizondo and Luci Longoria in this mess - they stand with Montoya in his con of pay or be trashed.

What a man Carlos Elizondo is - trashing an innocent woman for political gain.


Anonymous said...

Leave Christina and Arnold out if this!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this picture Bobby, now we know who NOT to vote for!

Anonymous said...

I am entitled to my opinion on this!!
It sucks!!! I thought Carlos was a good man.....

Anonymous said...

Montoya presume que fue de la raza en su joventu con el maestro Chavez. Es un vendido que se vende por unos centavos. Por dos riales baile el chavo de Montoya. Por hay dicen que la mujersita le paga por semana unos cuantos centavos para que compre su cervecita.

Anonymous said...

The dynamic dumb duo, of Catalina Presas and Carlos Elizondo are saying that the idiot Chris Valdez is the one that sent you the picture Bobby, please say it isn't so.

BobbyWC said...

Everyone knows Cris hates Cata and sent me her emails demanding a job after a BISD vote which went a certain way. He also sent me the evidence that Cata pays for Montoya's phone.

What makes Cata so sure Montoya and Cris are not playing her. With Cris Montoya would have zero knowledge of what is happening in his own head.

Remember Cata I told you Rosenbaum has Juanito working for Cesar.

You people are beyond stupid

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"The future depends on us"

The community now knows who "us" is thanks to the picture. The future is looking cloudy with such an association of this people.

Anonymous said...

Yes. The future is very cloudy!!!
My vote is for Robert Rodriguez.