Monday, August 11, 2014


I grew up first traveling all over the west by station wagon, back and fourth between Utah and California.  By the time I was 5, I had seen all of the great sights of the west.

Growing up in New York meant traveling by camper truck many times to California along the northern route and returning along the southern route.  Nogales, Mexico was always a  treat.

As an adult living in Texas I drove to NY many times - from Dallas it was 26 hours with a brief sleep at a rest stop outside Nashville.

During all of this cross country driving I learned to respect truckers for what they do to keep this country going.  I learned the rules of the road and how we help each other especially while driving at night - something as simple as passing.

Commissioner Portillo needs to understand she either immediately gets on board with the truck stop or we work to remove her from her seat.

I cannot do this.  People in her district need to send the message - they must take the lead.  I will certainly walk to get the signatures needed for a recall - but her constituents must be the ones backing this.

To the best of my knowledge the closest thing Brownsville has to a truck stop is Gordon's on SPI highway and Minnesota.  I know this because I know the people who built the shower facility.

We owe the truckers the truck stop on 511 and Paredes, but only the constituents of Commissioner Portillo can make this happen.

Will Brownsville continue to whine then wine in their sorrow before bed or will they act?  My money is on the people continuing to whine while refusing to lift a finger to do any thing.


Anonymous said...

She needs to get in the freaking ball.. and do what is right. She acts like a half twit. . Grow up commissioner and do what needs to be done

BobbyWC said...

I have no problem with your comment, but I need to know the date of the meeting and item number so I can research it out and do a formal post on it.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby, the City Commissioners Meeting is scheduled for August 19th, 2014 at 5:30pm at the former Federal Building downtown Elizabeth Street 2nd floor. Agendas have not been posted yet; however, since the item was tabled, it should come up for a vote, if not, Brownsville will remain in the depths of ECONOMIC-PURAGTORY. Thanks to our worthless Mayor-"ROYAL HINE-ASS."
w/Dr. Grouch, & Friends....

Anonymous said...

Bobby, ask the public to send you photos of trucks parked round town at Lowes, Walmart, HomeDepot, side of Highways, and in Neighborhoods. It is apparent the Commissioners & Mayor pretend they have no clue of the plight & perils of a truck driver & their families. Thank you for keeping this story on the forefront.

Anonymous said...

According to the Video of the Commissioners meeting on August 5, 2014, the details of the state-of the art truck stop are as follows
1. location:7295 Paredes Line Rd.
2. 24-hour free stay for all truck drivers
3. Showers
4. Whataburger
5. Free Movie theater within the Truck Stop.
6. Plenty of parking with 120 spaces.
7. Business Center for truckers
8. Biodiesel Pumps
9. a Green Store w/in
10. full maintenance for trucks, certified truck mechanics on duty.

Bobby, you may want to study the opposition-(Palo Alto Battlefield National Park folks) were the reason this item was tabled. WOW!!!!!!!!!