Thursday, August 7, 2014


Left to right, Tony the Weasel Martinez, Estela Chavez, and Rose the faux doctor Gowen.

I can  think of nothing lower than a woman who sits quiet while a weasel of a man calls a duly elected female commissioner stupid.  When I first read the claim, I found it too surreal to be true.  But I have now verified from two people that in fact Tony "the weasel" did in fact call Commissioner Jessica Tetreau stupid during executive session.  It speaks volumes of Estela Chavez and Rose Gowen's lack of self respect. 

The BV has documented that Rose Gowen actively participated in the attempted destruction of TSC with Tony Martinez, Diane Dillard [Hanen] and federal judge Hanen himself, along with Juliet Garcia. 

The BV broke the story of Tony the weasel using the $35,000 rule to spend city money without commissioners knowledge.  The BV broke the story of Tony the weasel not filing the conflict of interest form related to the Casa de Nylon purchase.  The BV broke the story with emails which verified his and Rose Gowen's active conspiracy to destroy TSC.

People in this town fail to understand politics.  Tony the weasel and his puppet Estela Chavez are both up for reelection come May 2015.  Now some would say a PAC put together now to recall them would be a waste of money.  No it is not.  It puts them on the defensive now, and educates the people now, which facilitates their loss come May.   It also sends a message to possible other candidates that the time is now to announce for Mayor and Commissioner at Large.

What people do not realize is, a group has already formed claiming to have $25,000 in commitments ready for any qualified candidate willing to challenge Estela Chavez.  When you combine this group with a strong recall effort, Chavez as they say becomes toast.

The recall of Tony, Rose and Estela all require a city wide effort.  If we do one we might as well do all three.

We have the emails which link Tony the weasel and Rose the faux doctor to a conspiracy to do injury to TSC.  These documents will go a long way with the voters. 


Tony Martinez calling Commissioner Tetreau stupid tells me he is feeling the pressure.  Saenz is not happy that his reputation is being tarnished over his decision to not prosecute Tony over the Casa de Nylon issue.  There is also Saenz's refusal to prosecute Oscar de la Fuente even with a confession.


To Rose the faux doctor - please hire an attorney to sue the medical school you attended for fraud - whatever they taught you they did not teach you about medicine.

Rose is an elitist who considers the poor to be an inconvenience to her life.  Only the wealthy have time to invest in biking and have the time to use the bike trails.  Yes a few people without cars have found the bike trails helpful in getting to work on their bicycles.  But the groups using the trails are not the poor in need of jobs.

It is clear Rose Gowen never learned in medical school it takes money and jobs for families to properly feed themselves.  The truck stop which is only supported by Tetreau, Villarreal, and Longoria is desperately needed.  It is not only needed for the wellbeing of the truckers who bring millions of dollars of business to our area, it is important to all the people who will receive jobs at the truck stop.  These type truck stops employ a lot of people.  Yes, it will be minimum wage jobs, but these jobs in many cases are the second job held by a parent so they can feed their children a better diet.  This is completely lost on the elitist faux doctor Rose Gowen.  She knows nothing about the people of Brownsville beyond her elitist associates.  When your children are hungry a minimum wage job is better than no job, and especially when it is the second job to help the parents support their children.


Like I said, Brownsville loves to whine and then wine before going to sleep.  A recall effort to remove Tony, and Estela  exposes them now thereby improving our chances of more highly qualified candidates running come May 2015.  The fact their recall would be a city wide effort means we might as well include Rose  Gowen - she needs to go - we are already block walking for signatures -  and Brownsville cannot wait until 2017 to send her packing.

There is no reason why a group cannot form and recruit 50 people from each Commissioner's  district to walk the districts for the signatures to support the recall.  This is not a big challenge.  I am in Tetreau's district.  I will walk until we have the signatures we need.  This is doable - the people just need to stop whining and then turning to their wine for relief.


It needs to be put to Portillo loud and clear - either back the Truck Stop on 511 and Paredes or be included in the recall.  We will be walking her district so why not include her? 


Anonymous said...

I agree on the truck stop. If you want to hear & see even more of Ripley's Believe it or NOT commissioners circus on this topic Watch the YouTube-video on the city commission meeting for 8-5-2014 on item #10 rezoning and skip to 1 hour & 1 minute and let the show begin. Note the Weasel did not even have the courtesy to welcome United Fuel Supply a global corporation to Brownsville and hear them out.
BTW: The company is already looking at putting this multi-million dollar operation in McAllen.

So long Brownsville Truck Stop...

Thank The Weasel & The Faux-Rose for Screwing it Up again.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, its time to send out a call for all truckers & their families to attend the City Commissioners meeting on August 19, 2014 at 5:30 to see how the commissioners vote. We need more vocal folks that are pro-truck stop to come out and rally & speak during the public audience allotted time. Hope you can attend you seem to be able to rally the masses by your blog!

Anonymous said...

Again, it seems that Brownsville will lose out yet again to another economic opportunity and all because of some elected official's hidden agenda. This crap has to stop.

Anonymous said...

Bobby: who are the legit candidates who can beat or replace tony?

BobbyWC said...

I have no idea - right now no intelligent honest person wants to be associated with politics in Cameron county.

The right person needs a signal from the people than an independent qualified candidate can win.

This is why the recall effort is so important right now - it sends a message to the good guys that we the people want someone new - someone who is not part of the insiders

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Good job BV.. The mayor and Chavez and the hot dog queen Gowen are full of shit... they will not have my vote or my family's vote.. The mayor has no respect for his pierce. .

BobbyWC said...

You mean his Prince Albert?

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...