Friday, August 22, 2014


As I explained pageviews as provided by Google is subject to manipulation. If I sit here and link onto the BV 10,000 in one day pageviews will record an extra 10,000 views.  If you think I am lying, consider this - Barton who has not been blogging nearly as long as Montoya claims to have millions more pageviews than Montoya.

Jim Barton

Lives in Brownsville, TX

Now compare this to Montoya's numbers from a mere 6 months ago.

Thursday, February 20, 2014
Pageviews today 5,311
  Pageviews yesterday 4630
Pageviews last month 100,488   
Pageviews all time history 2,530,557

Now if you use his own numbers averaging about 90,000 pagesviews a month - that would mean an additional pageviews of 540,000 since February for a total of 3,070,557 pageviews today - this is less than half of Bartons even though Montoya has been blogging a lot longer. 

These numbers tell you one of two things, they are falsified or Barton has significantly more readers than Montoya - which conclusion will Montoya admit to.

You know why so many of you are played for saps - because you live for it - you only want to hear and believe that which supports your preconceived ideas and are incapable of looking at facts.

You people need to enjoy the life of being saps, and stop whining about bad government

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