Saturday, August 2, 2014


One of the biggest BS groups are those demanding Aztec Nation.  The Aztec nation collapsed under the Spaniards because other indigenous people joined the Spaniards to destroy the Aztecs.  The Aztecs slaughtered and enslaved other indigenous people.  The Aztecs played slaver and butcher and lost to the next slaver and butcher - the Spaniards.  And not that reality matter the indigenous people of North Western Mexico are a subgroup of Apache nation - not Aztec.

The Incas were destroyed by the Spaniards because the Amazonian people who were tired of being slaughter and enslaved by the Incas joined forces with the Spanish to destroy the Inca nation.

Every existing group on the planet in war oppressed the people who lived there before them.

The battle for Israel and the Middle East started with Cain and Abel and has been going ever since.

If you want to know facts try reading the Book of Kings in your Bible.  The people of Judah [modern Israel] were not united behind the idea of one God.  They fought and killed one another defending the various pagan religious beliefs of the people of Judah. 

The Old Testament tells us God sanctioned the outright murder of women and children in his name.  If you believe this garbage I have a bridge to nowhere to sell you.  The entire Bible is political BS to justify the murder of innocent women and children.  Christians and Jews deride Sharia law, while pronouncing their faith in the origin of Sharia law - the Old Testament - Jews and Christians alike pick and choose which of Gods laws they will follow as written down in Deuteronomy and Leviticus. 

So now we look at the battle for Palestine and Israel.  While I fully support each side's right to exist, it will never happen without UN occupying forces in Palestine and Israel. 

After the Ottoman Empire collapsed, the British came in to pick up the pieces.  And such was Europe's way it occupied with the intent to control resources while leaving the indigenous people with nothing.  Europe eventually made fake nations in Africa and the Middle East without regard for tribal territory or religious differences.  We are paying the price for Europe's nation making based on fictions.

What is happening to these innocent women and children in Palestine is inhumane.  But what is Israel to do, just allow the cowards known as Hamas to hide behind women and children while they launch rockets into Israel?  War is hell and it happens because faux liberals live in la la land thinking war can be fought in a humane way.  It cannot.  The idea of writing rules of war is proof positive faux liberalism is a farce.

There is one solution and only one solution.

The US working with Saudi Arabia must impose borders and then demand the UN control those borders.  If Israel or Palestine refuse the borders then all international aide  must be cut off.

Neither of these nations will ever agree on anything.  President Clinton came close, but Arafat did not get his cut so the deal fell apart. 

What we have in Israel and Palestine are two nations tired of being oppressed and war, with self serving politicians promoting war for their own ends.

Until the US and Saudi Arabia can come to an agreement on borders with a clear message to Israel and Palestine all aide will be cut off if they refuse the borders and UN troops will monitor the borders [or US and Saudi troops], this endless slaughter of women and children will not end.

People can yell all they want, but when you have two sets of exhausted people who have been abused for millennia, peace will not come until it is imposed by outsiders who have a credible voice for each side. 

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