Friday, August 22, 2014


The Democrats have been out of power in Texas for over 20 years.  No one can blame anything wrong with Texas laws on the Democrats.

Texas Republicans by policy are turning a blind eye on SNAP [Food Stamp fraud].

"It also said states have different thresholds for prosecuting food stamp fraud.

In Tennessee, for example, $100 in benefits must be fraudulently obtained before officials will consider prosecuting, but in Texas it is a $5,000 level."

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Now you know why you see SNAP recipients in Brownsville driving huge SUV's.  Mind you there are a lot of people who need SNAP and live on a shoe string.  But there are far too many people using it fraudulently.  They lie about their income, and then sell the SNAP benefits - which belies logic in my opinion. Just use the SNAP for your food and keep the cash.  I do not get it.

But the one group you cannot blame for this in Texas is the Democrats.  It is laws written by Republicans and enforced by a Republican AG which allows for the level of fraud in Texas.

It saddens me when I get a call that someone needs milk for their baby and they are not on SNAP because they are honest.  I always buy the milk and bring it to them.  Trust me if I find cigarettes or beer in the house they get nothing.

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