Wednesday, August 6, 2014


This could be a case of the blind leading the blind.   My only interest in this case is, I believe a strong Cameron County Republican Party will lead to better Democratic candidates. I have no opinion as to who could lead the Cameron County GOP, but based on having met Frank Morris and his dismal failure as a leader I know it is not him.  Here is a bottom line fact - with the Democrats destroyed over the Villalobos and Limas convictions Frank could not recruit  Republicans to run in November.  That is all you need to know.

I say this is a case of the blind leading the blind because Judge Murray had to raise the question which concerned me from day one - jurisdiction.  First, a judge has a legal duty to insure he has subject matter jurisdiction over a case before he moves forward.  A judge on his own motion can order the parties to brief this issue.  I have never been one to agree with Menton Murray, but on this one I think he is right.

When I read the filings on Tuesday I was surprised that Frank Morris'  attorney never filed a Plea to the Jurisdiction.  I just assumed Menton Murray requested the filing of the briefs by the 15th because Morris' attorney filed a Plea to the Jurisdiction.  He did not - hence the blind leading the blind.

I will admit the Rules and By-Laws do not make this case any easier.  The State GOP has no rule concerning how a county chair is recognized by the State GOP.  But here is the problem, if the law is the State GOP has the sole authority to recognize who a county chair is, then they must be party to any lawsuit filed  challenging who the party chair is.  The State GOP has not been made party to this case.  I cannot see how they are not an essential interested party. 

Tad Hasse supporters are not helping themselves by attacking election Administrator Chris Davis.  To be fair I have no idea why Frank Morris brought Chris Davis into the case.  No one is disputing Frank Morris won the election to be the party chair.  That is all Chris Davis is saying.  It is not even an issue in the case.  All Chris said was Frank Morris is the county chair based on the election returns.  He made no findings based on the dispute. Until a court or the GOP says otherwise Chris Davis has no choice but to say based on the election returns Frank Morris is the chair.

I simply do not see how Menton Murray can remove Frank Morris as the party chair without someone first joining the State GOP in the lawsuit. 

The issue of Frank turning in the keys etc is meaningless to the case.  While I think he intended to resign both terms, once he resigned the then existing term he had no right to the keys  - accounts etc.  But once he began his new term he had a right to the keys etc.  The question is, did his clarification before the new term started revoke his resignation? 

Again, I think this is a matter for the State GOP and any lawsuit must include the State GOP.  If the State GOP maintains Morris' revocation of his resignation before his term started is valid, then Judge Murray would rule against Hasse.  Conversely, if the State GOP says Morris could not revoke his resignation then they on their own would state Frank Morris has no authority as the county chair and Frank Morris would then have to sue the State GOP to maintain his position.  Tad Hasse's suit would be moot, although in effect a win because Morris would be out..


Anonymous said...

The reason Chris Davis has gotten such a raking over is that it appears that he is up to his eyeballs in the coverup and has been playing one man Whitehouse Plumber.

BobbyWC said...

What cover-up? All I know is there is an investigation into all of the unsealed ballot bags from the primaries and Chris Davis refusal to release the affidavits related to same until threatened by suit from the AG.

Further again all Chris did was verify based on the election results Frank was the winner. Chris has no authority to decide anything other than to say based on the election results Frank is the party chair. this is not disputed.

What is disputed is whether Frank resigned. Chris has no authority to determine if Frank resigned. Further with the State GOP recognizing Frank all Chris Davis was do was verify what the State GOP has already done based on the election returns

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Hasse knows he does not have the support of the State GOP in his attempt to strong arm Morris out of the chair. He thought that on a technicality of his own imaginings his will would be carried out. This speaks to his arrogance, and his belief that the "little people" are not able to catch on to the agenda of this self described "puppet master." The only reason he is going after Davis is the same reason he attacked a Log Cabin Republican and others without provocation: he wants to bully people into silence and if he can not shut them up, he can humiliate and degrade them in what amounts to a pissing contest playing out in the blogs.

There are legitimate ways to get a more viable candidate for the county chair, and Hasse & Co. are not making any attempts to do so. Their agenda is not about building a stronger party, it is about subjecting somebody, in Hasse's own words, to "another round of humiliation and defeat."

This is why you will never see Hasse & Co. trying to raise money, block walking, or doing any of the work to further the party. They suffer from a sense of elitist entitlement, and were their motives pure they would have truth and justice on their side and the blessings of people influential and credible enough to openly support them. They don't.

Anonymous said...

Are you stating your unfounded allegations with tremendous anonymous authority?

The *only* person referred to as "puppet master" had been Frank Morris, not Tad Hasse whom you erroneously, and maliciously I may add, attribute said nickname. From that point you continue a downward spiral of building a mountain of purely agenda driven garbage that you have personally contradicted time and time again. I have seen the phrase "another round of humiliation and defeat" which bear repeating as your ad hominem diatribe that contains only the phrase "Another round of humiliation and defeat" as the sole truth in its content. The rule here is to not out anons. I won't do so, but by the words exchanged, I think that veil has already been torn asunder.