Wednesday, August 13, 2014


"Elon Musk's SpaceX, the private space launch provider, is being sued by former employees who say they weren't allowed to take breaks, weren't paid overtime, and that the company failed to give them enough warning before a big round of layoffs."

Source:  CNNMoney

Independent of the two suits, why is a company which is supposedly expanding laying off some 200-400 employees in its manufacturing sector?

So you see a Titan Tire around the corner?

The sad part about corporate welfare is, if we as a community and state are not willing to support corporate welfare no one will ever invest in Brownsville, Cameron county, or Texas.  The corporations have the communities blackmailed into financing them.  Corporatism will take control of this country very soon and we will not be the better for it.


Anonymous said...

You are such an idiot is idiots like you that give Brownsville its stigma. Didn't your parents teach you that if you have nothing nice to say, to keep your mouth quiet....ohh no, not the know it all Bobby.....we have a potential of something great that has decided to give our city a chance....and here you are throwing mud on the situation, but for the life of me....I do not know are part of the problem in this city.....but you think you are doing good....sad...

BobbyWC said...

let's try facts instead of your nonsense - The BV first reported the story of the Florida Space Agency stating Brownsville got Space X. The BV was the first to embrace the decision and say let's make something of it.

The BV discussed how to use Space X to our advantage at the airport.

In fact and not that facts matter to you, once it was noted that Space X meant a 12,000 ft runway for Brownsville the BV got behind the project because of its implications for the airport.

The BV has done several stories backing the truck stop.

The BV is the only blog backing Tenaska


Oh, I get it - it is a homosexual communist conspiracy which got these people to sue in California and for CNN to report it.

Do you really believe the educated in Brownsville are not following the news on CNN?

Your business sense is non-existent - a company claiming to be expanding at the same time it is laying off some 200-400 manufacturing workers is something any competent investor would look at before making a decision.

But according to you any investor who would look at such information is part of the problem and why Brownsville never moves forward.

I had nothing to due with the suit or CNN reporting on it - I am just the one reporting on it for the Brownsville residents.

Why do you find it necessary to keep the people of Brownsville ignorant?

It is our ignorance which keeps up from moving forward, and not people like me reporting on facts which do not fit into your simplistic little world.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Tesla stock price at record high:

Anonymous said...

You back Tenaska?! Wow.....that is going to bite this community in the ass. You should be warning people about that! Rates payers are going to pay for that for decades....and the owners are part of friends of the current staff...someone is getting rich off of us.....dummy!

BobbyWC said...

what is sad is in your mind every thing which means money means someone is getting rich - newsflash - we live in a capitalist country - it is about profits and making money - that is who we are

Further, I have documented through responsible conduct BPUB has actually gone down.

I get it - you care about yourself and cannot see future benefits.

One built our rates never again will be subject to oil problems in the middle east. You would rather we spend the rest of humanity being dependent on an unstable part of the world - how sad and ignorant you are

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I am glad you posted this on your blog, I saw this on CNN site this morning and was wondering if anyone was going to pick this up locally. News, is news. Positive or negative......Why would we not want to know what these companies are bringing in and leaving behind? Maybe they'll correct their old ways and change things for the positive in their new site.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bobby WC you are bursting they little bubble, the only big achievement they had half materialized, hanging themselves into something the State started.

Anonymous said...

Space X looks at the poverty here and thinks that the Mexicans in this area are uneducated and will work for peanuts. Why else would space X want to come into this area. They are running to hide from their problems. Remember people, if it is too good to be true it is because it is not good and there is not enough truth behind it. Simple!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bobby, you ARE NOT an idiot for reporting this. I didn't see anyone else report this locally . What?
A bad stain before they open? Do they want to blindfold us and continue with the shenanigans that happen with the ELITE few who are in control of all the "so called created agencies" that promote our communities? As it is, these people who run these agencies will get the high paying jobs for their families and friends. "Quid Pro Quo " to the MAX . They play the switcheroo game with jobs and create positions. Just wait, it is sickening.