Saturday, August 9, 2014

One of the great draws to Brownsville is Matamoros.  I really miss it since the cartel war started.  On Thursday and Friday I walked across with a friend who needed a root canal.  We started with a well recommended dentist across the street from Garcia's.  He referred us to a specialist for the root canal - about a 30 minute walk on Matamoros and 5th street,
After walking back once from Matamoros and 5th in the afternoon sun, we decided to try the bus.  It was 8 pesos a person.  It was nice.  I truly love riding the local buses in third and second world countries.  This is where you meet the people.  I so enjoyed the bus, I have decided to go across once a month and take the bus to a restaurant near 5th street.  The food will be good, but the bus will be the treat.
I am going to try and learn the bus system in  Matamoros so I can slowly start going back during the day.  I really miss going to the old food market.  You could buy the best hand made corn tortillas, and tamales Veracruzana.  Also it is just a very relaxing adventure.
Maybe I cannot drive across, especially since I own the type truck the cartels want, but I can certainly learn the bus system and return to the joy of Matamoros.


brownsville literary review said...

We all miss Matamoros, Bobby. It's a shame that the violence has destroyed such a wonderful place. I know that it's safe enough to go across and enjoy a beer and a cold Tecate, but there is sufficient doubt in my mind that there is a darkness lurking at the back of mind. Since the Herald doesn't venture across since news occupies the lowest rung on their list of priorities, I will be looking forward to your reports.

BobbyWC said...

5th and Matamoros is a good distance to walk. We felt very safe walking. But I have to say I loved the bus ride back - not because it meant not walking, but because I love the people and even the driver.

My next trip hopefully will be to the old food market - I can hardly wait to buy a dozen tamales Veracruzana to bring home and freeze.

When I go back next week with my friend for his crown, we will pass a lady who sells tacos on the corner near the dentist. I have had them before - I am really looking forward to a couple.

I have travelled a lot of Latin America and all of Mexico eating street food - I have never gotten sick.

In Peru in the Andes this British couple kept on warning me against eating the street food because if I got sick the entire tour stopped [not true btw]. Buses and street food are the only way to go.

If the violence quells in Oaxaca I may consider taking the bus to Oaxaca. Mole mole mole is all can I say about Oaxaca

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

i miss going across but dont miss the rudeness of the immigration inspectors that welcone us back to brownsville

BobbyWC said...

some are and some aren't - but I can say the government does itself a disservice by not ridding itself of the rude ones. If the majority can do their job without being rude, why can't the other ones.

Bobby WC