Friday, August 22, 2014


With there only being 9 players now, the election becomes more issue driven. But first my coffee

I think the two defining issues are Healthsmart, and Baltazar Salazar along with Martin Aramubla.

If played properly Lucy Longoria can play the Baltazar Salazar and Martin Arambula mess to her advantage.  She can explain her lawsuit as necessary to defend the voice of her constituents against an unethical lawyer trying to silence their voice.  It is a  viable argument which if played with integrity will resonate with many voters.  Cesar Lopez, has no defense for his support of Baltazar Salazar and Martin Arambula.

The other issue is Healthsmart. Lucy did vote to dismiss a lawsuit worth potentially millions to the children of Brownsville all the while associating with a convicted felon working for Healthsmart.  The City of Lubbock and their paper held [the Herald will continue to run cover on this story] and in the end the taxpayers were paid millions in restitution for Healthsmart's fraud.  I personally care about nothing else.  I need to hear from each candidate they will resign if they vote to dismiss the Healthsmart lawsuit.

Now with only 4 people left in the Longoria, Lopez race the numbers change.  Lucy will now need somewhere in the 35-40% range to win.  Pacheco will only get 5% or less of the vote.  I did not include his Facebook Page in the post because it did not really help him.  He may be the nicest guy around, but he will go nowhere with his campaign.  This really leaves 3 people splitting 95% of the vote.  While it now requires Lucy receive more than 50% of the female vote and part of the male vote, Lopez still has a major uphill battle.   But that battle became a bit easier for him with only 4 people in the race and with one being a nonstarter.

Elizondo v. Rodriguez will come down to Healthsmart and money.  If Rodriguez can raise the money, and makes a big issue of Healthsmart and Elizondo fails to commit to pursuing Healthsmart he will lose.  But if in clear no uncertain terms he commits to the Healthsmart lawsuit, he is the favorite to win.


Anonymous said...

You are so stupid Bob, what in living hell makes you think that the issues you think are important, are the issues the people want idiot?

You are just as wacked out as the candidates, hence, part of the problem. In the "issues" you want candidates to tackle, you include, Martin Arambula and health smart....issues you have a personal bias on. This shows you have no moral compass, buffoon! You and the candidates fail to mention the teachers and the kids......the most important commodity of this would rather plant the seed of you personal vengeance to candidates, than issues regarding kids and the community a favor and shut up already....hypocrite!

BobbyWC said...

I just love you con artists - if I gave both sides viable issues, how then am I biased against one side or the other?

Second, no one and I mean no one has spent more time blogging about the needs of the teachers and students at BISD and TSC than the BV - that is a fact.

In fact I have been repeatedly attacked for my success in helping special needs children.

But here is a reality check you seem to not understand - I do not control what the candidates will say or not say.

The voters do not read complex long ads in the paper.

The voters love short headlines which grab their attention - I cannot change that - although you seem to think I have such power.

Cesar Lozez will say that since he has been on the Board BISD has strong ratings from the TEA - so parents will buy into it - regardless of whether or not special needs children are still being left behind.

Remember this is the school district which threaten criminal charges against special needs children for defending themselves against bullies.

The voters will never read any ad which is long and complex - they scan for headlines.

It is the voters who force the candidates to use hot button issues.

In a perfect world it would be nice if the children come first.

But this is BISD - you want me to vote against you - put in your material children first - we all know that is bullshit.

You are delusional if you think it is about the children - it is about contracts - which is why the contractors are the big donors to the campaigns

And in case you have not noticed - Lucy's big campaign at this time is attacking Salazar and Arambula - I had noting to do with that - I am just noting it is there

Bobby WC

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Another example of the anony's con post is I specifically noted Healthsmart is about money for he kids. How is that then not me making the kids an issue.

I saw Bela's list of school supplies and thought - between the $51 for her school shirts, and the supplies a parent is out $100. Now I have it, but I know a lot of parents do not.

I would note - the millions of dollars BISD will get from Healthsmart after the election and they realize it will go to trial, could be used to give teachers and non-teachers a bonus as one option. It could be used to better supply the teachers.

The idea that Healhsmart does not related to the teachers, staff and students is just bizarre. It is millions of dollars which the school district needs and should all go for bonuses for the teachers and staff, and supplies for the classroom.

In fact it would not hurt Cesar Lopez to get the Board to vote now to guarantee the settlement will go to the teachers, staff, and supplies. Such a Board commitment now, could make it impossible for a new majority to dismiss the lawsuit - it would also help him get the teachers, staff and families to vote for him.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby, do you know if BISD's fund balance has decreased alot recently? This is one of the rumors out there in the campaign.

BobbyWC said...

Yes Lucy and Cata authorized use of the fund balance to pay off Gonzales, Rendon and Juarez. Also money spent is usually allot months earlier. $250,000 went fir Cata's bogus audit - attorneys fees contrary to Cata's guarantee sky rocketed under Thompson Horton - when the numbers are shown and the commitments made by Cata and Lucy are aligned with them it will be easy for Cesar Lopez to put the blame on Lucy and Cata

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Lopez will also be able to show through real numbers that the problems are tied to the only two people on the Board to ever file for personal bankruptcy - Now Lucy will attempt a charge blaming the current majority - what she will leave out is how the money was allotted when she was part of the majority

You cannot blame inherited bills on Lopez, although Lucy certainly will try

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You have to be on someone's payroll

BobbyWC said...

So when I say Lopez has no defense for his support of Baltazar Salazar and Martin Arambula is that Lucy paying me or its is Lopez when I point out Lucy voted to dismiss the Healthsmart lawsuit?

Any fool, but not special fools, can see I provide the strengths and weaknesses on both sides.

I provided a path for victory for Elizondo even though I would never vote for him - if for no other reason he has the support of BUC.

So when I say I cannot see how Lucy loses is that Lucy paying me, or is it Lopez when I mention her bankruptcy?

What you cannot accept is honest analysis. You want me to back your side and only then will I be unpaid - because your side would never pay anyone to promote their positions.

All you do with these kinds of posts is make yourself look stupid which is why you are too much of a coward to put your name to your post

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

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