Thursday, August 7, 2014


As I expected nothing really happened at the hearings for Sara Perales and Vincenta Verino - except what did not happen.

Verino's attorney in advanced filed a waiver of the reading of the Information - so they did not need to appear.  Sara Perales appeared, but after waiting an hour and 20 minutes for her attorney Enrique "Henry" Juarez to appear the judge called a break, and I left.

I checked filings in the cases and what is not in the files is future appearance dates.  If you go to these arraignments the court gives you a date for discovery and status hearing and or trial.  In the case of Vincenta Virino - nothing.  The dates should have been set when the waiver was approved.  I will check next week to see what is up. I think the AG's office filed these charges backed up against limitations and is now sorting out what is and is not good.


So I am late posting this because I promised to go to Matamoros with a friend.  I know a reliable dentist near the border so we walked across.  It was about 10 minutes from the parking lot on Levee and 12th. 


Well one thing lead to another and the dentist ended up driving us to a specialist who will do part and then the original dentist will do the rest.  The walk back was 35 minutes including time to clear customs and immigration.


My friend had his driver's license and birth certificate along with verification he has a pending application for a border passport.  I went first with my border passport.  Another agent called my friend forward cleared him on his driver's license and birth certificate while I was asked a  thousand questions and delayed.  Go figure I have a border passport and am delayed while the guy without the border passport is passed through.


Anonymous said...

I love this website - everybody person's photo I see looks like a freaking retard. Aye Brownsville. The gene pool's gone bad!!! To much semi-inbreeding with everyone is everyone's cousin LOL.

BobbyWC said...

I allowed for your comment because the above post on the Tea Party proves your comment wrong.

So long as you view Brownsville this way you will never mover forward - it is not Brownsville - it is ignorance which crosses party lies and races.

Bobby WC