Thursday, August 21, 2014


Let me explain how google counter works.  Montoya and a few friends sit at their computer and keep on clicking on his blog, and it counts as a page view.  I pay a service for my numbers.  I do not use google counter.  It does not give me the information I need to guide my readership.

But here is the deal, if you believe Montoya he has lost some 2000 readers - hardly an endorsement for more advertising.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

   Pageviews today
                                           Pageviews yesterday
                                        Pageviews last month

                                    Pageviews all time history

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

     Pageviews today
                                           Pageviews yesterday
                                          Pageviews last month
                                    Pageviews all time history

Wednesday, August 20, 2014     

Pageviews today                                        3,341 

Pageviews yesterday                                  3,476

Pageviews last month                               83,923
Now if you divide 30 in to last months page views you get an average of 2799 page views per day.  On a conservative side if the average person viewed his page 3 times a day, you have fewer than a 1000 readers.  This is separate from his ability along with a few friends hitting his blog a 1000 times a day to inflate the numbers.  My service tells me on average each reader clicks on at least 3 times a day, with some readers clicking as many as 6 times a day.   Each time counts as a pageview.
Anyone paying him for advertising is getting what they deserve - nothing . my service at best puts him at about 500-700 individual readers a day.
A smart con artist would have kept on clicking on his blog until he was at 5,000 page views so at least it appears like he hasn't lost 2,000.


Anonymous said...

So how much to advertise on your page since you have more viewers than any other blog and only speak the truth plus you are the only blog that has facts. By your numbers you are where everybody goes instead of the Brownsville Herald, Valley Morning Star, USA Express, El Nuevo Heraldo and the View?

With these many viewers I have a lot of business that would like for you to help them spread the news. Forget Politics the real money is in business advertising.

BobbyWC said...

Inept sarcasm does not change reality. The BV never takes money. The BV is the only blog which strives to give all candidates equal access and free advertising.

Bobby WC