Monday, August 11, 2014


Here is a hard cold fact in terms of tolerance of diversity and democracy, the autonomous Republic of Kurdistan is probably the most stable government in the entire region.  Without Kurdistan taking control where Iraqi soldiers fled the Muslim radicals would have taken control of Kirkuk.  This would have meant a lot of oil money for the ISIS radicals.

While I am happy the Obama Administration is not formally backing Iraq in this battle, I am unhappy the Department of Justice has not filed some time brief in support of Kurdistan.  They need the oil money to fight the battle the Iraqi government refuses to fight.  Why do our elected officials so hate backing the good guys and find it always necessary to stand with those of questionable character? 

A financially stable and successful Kurdistan is in the US government's best interest.

"Magistrate Judge Nancy K. Johnson of the District Court for the southern District of Texas satisfied a request from the Iraqi government in Baghdad to impound the cargo, which the government said was shipped illegally.

The United Kalavyrta tanker, carrying around 1 million barrels of crude, arrived off Galveston Bay Saturday but has yet to unload, Reuters reported. It’s been wandering the seas in search of a buyer for over a month since sailing from the Turkish port of Ceyhan, according to Bloomberg.."

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Where the magistrate judge clearly has it wrong is in the impounding of the cargo.  Iraq has a clear remedy to a judgment against Kurdistan.  At a minimum the judge should have only impounded the proceeds from the sale of the oil.  Let them unload it and then hold the money in the registry of the court.  The ship needs to get back to business.


When you click on the article you will see the headline says a Texas District Court.  This is wrong - it is sad that Fortune magazine cannot hire a reporter or editor who knows the difference between a Texas District Court and a federal district court.  I raise this because I want people to know this type rookie mistake is not limited to the Herald - journalism even at a national level has become a joke. 

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