Tuesday, August 19, 2014


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A message from Juan

Greetings Cheez and Cheez Nation,

You guys already know me from my posts on the cheezmeh (some be it from funny to strong to analytical); and, as a result, I am able to see a diversity of opinions: which ultimately shows me the diversity o...f people that are represented fans of the Brownsville Cheezmeh. For that reason, I commend you for what you have done in the City of Brownsville.

Some of the posts that I have read, along with competing news articles and videoclips involve the day to day administrative actions of the Brownsville Independant School District. In reading about, and commenting on, the day to day operations of BISD, I have always lived by the mantra that in addition to complaining about what's going on, one must take action to resolve said problems. This could range from seeking employment in the district, volunteering your time in the district, and or running for office in the district. Because of this creed that I live by, I have decided to officially announce my candidacy for BISD Board of Trustees Place 1 against incumbant Cesar Lopez.

For starters, I am not a politician (or politiquero as it is called down here). I am not some alpha male that is on a path to power and prestige. My only goal is to represent the students, staff, and parents in the BISD to the fullest of my capabilities. That includes objectively looking at proposals that come in that could impact those who I would represent and asking the two fundamental questions. 1: Will such measures positively or negatively effect those in this district, and 2: what is the perception that the people will have? Those are key factors in effectively representing those who are in BISD.

Secondly. I am an educated hard worker. Obtaining my B.A.s' in Communication and in Government respectively at UT-Brownsville has given me the knowledge sufficient understand and appreciate the duties that I need to tackle in order to effectively be the voice of those in BISD. The legal education that I am currently pursuing only adds to that knowledge. Furthermore, the internships and temporary positions that I have obtained during and subsequent to my enrollment in UT-Brownsville not only ensure that I have the knowledge to tackle what will be before me, but the skills to do so and do so effectively.

As an addendum to the second point, many of you guys in the Cheez nation see me walking around a lot. As many of you in the cheeznation also know, I am visually impaired; thus, driving is out of the question. This challenge that I have (not a disability) is the source of some frustrations (which I have shared with you guys on the cheez); however, it doesn't give me carte blanche to just sit down, do nothing, and hold my hand out. That sentiment I will also take with me to those decision making processes with the board should I be elected.

Finally, I will do whatever it takes to get the job done in effectively representing the people. I had the nerve to walk from Harlingen to Brownsville after a long day of work. Additionally, during 2012, I had the nerve to walk from Weslaco back to Brownsville from an interview. Sharing these things are not to toot my own horn and yell to look at me, but it is to demonstrate to you my resolve in doing whatever I am capable of to get the job done.

As I close, I will start by saying that I admire Cesar. He is a fine young man and someone whom I hope I may follow in spirit and charactor. At the same time, I am here because I believe that things could be done differently to effectively represent you: the parents, students, and staff at BISD. As you in the Cheez nation see me walking all over this city tending to the affairs that I must attend to, I ask that you imagine how far I will go to represent you.

Thank you,

Juan N. Pacheco Jr.
Candidate for BISD Board of Trustees Place 1


Anonymous said...

Cheezmeh nation they still have followers lol too funny.. they are a plague of bad people. . BV please don't tell me your involvement with them

BobbyWC said...

I collect data on all candidates wherever I find it and post it - all candidates get equal time if I can find information on them- it is really that simple.

Bobby WC