Monday, August 4, 2014

The above photo is an artist's rendition of what the facility will look like.
"Texas will offer $2.3 million from the Texas Enterprise Fund to bring the company here. The state is also offering $13 million from the Spaceport Trust Fund to the Cameron County Spaceport Development Corp. The fund is used to support the development of infrastructure necessary for establishing a spaceport."
Now is the time for people to accept this reality and turn it into something good for Cameron county and Brownsville.  We need to stay on top of the runway expansion.
The state as part of this project has been looking at expanding Boca Chica from IH 69/77 to Four Corners to 4 lanes.  This would be a mistake.  It would be better to make International from IH69/77 into a true highway which connects into Four Corners and then make that part of Boca Chica into three lanes.
This would move truck traffic faster to the port, relieve residential traffic on Boca Chica for the people who live east of Four Corners, while bringing development east of Four Corners.
It would also facilitate access to the airport.
This matter merits real study - what is the best way to use state funds to develop access to the airport.  Turning International into a true highway moves trucking traffic faster to the port, and promotes faster access to the airport, and economic growth east of Four Corners.  We really need to think this out with traffic engineers guiding the process, and not politicians.


RV in FL said...

Bobby, You are so right on the need for doing something about the airport and access to it. The Mayor and City Commissioners need to act on this and quick.......The airport will be the first impression many executives will see when they visit Brownsville and the sight is not pretty for this day and age. Space X and other future businesses considering Brownsville ALWAYS look at air transportation in their fact finding analysis. Another airline or two would be possible but not with the current facility. Gotta strike while the iron is hot.

Anonymous said...

By moving the traffic to flow through another area other than Boca Chica Blvd would be the best thing to do for the flow of the traffic. The new loop is being done right now that will help assist the flow of traffic to the space X area. The loop goes from 511 and Southmost area to the Tomates Bridge. The Loop will benefit the heavy traffic due to the future site of Space X.

Anonymous said...

Joe Rivera deserves thanks for all the work he did to bring SpaceX to Brownsville. His political clout on this project is just a sample of the County Judge he will be. Thank you Mr. Rivera.

BobbyWC said...

you're high right - you only made Joe look pathetic in your post - which is why I posted it.

Yes, Musk ignored all of the financial and logistics issues, neither of which Joe Rivera could possible understand, and just went with Joe's request.

It does not help Joe to announce on the internet he has idiots supporting him.

But thanks for the good laugh

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

That comment praising Joe Rivera's efforts has to be from Sylvia Perez Garza, the personal cheerleader of Rivera. At the last Democratic Party meeting, she was furious when addressing the members in attendance for one of them having a Carlos Casco sticker on their car.