Sunday, August 10, 2014


You can say a lot of things about Forbes magazine, but calling them a left leaning or pro Obama magazine is not one of them.  They are a business magazine which deals in real numbers and real economics.

Very soon Cameron and Hidalgo counties as part of the medical school deal are going to have to  approve a taxing authority for a joint community hospital.  In most major cities in Texas people and businesses pay property taxes to support the community hospitals used by the medical schools and the UNINSURED.

The other day a story went viral concerning a man billed $9,000 for a tetanus shot and a band aide for his finger - no stitches.  The hospitals have no choice but to charge these high rates to people with insurance to cover their losses from people without insurance.  People who pay their own insurance premiums or people whose employers pay their insurance premiums, pay a higher rate to cover the uninsured. In Texas this problem was only made worse by the fact Governor Perry refused the federal government sponsored Medicaid expansion.

In states which opted for the Medicaid expansion, hospitals have seen a dramatic drop in uninsured patients - meaning they do not have to charge higher rates for those with insurance.

It also means county hospitals are now receiving insurance money for all the uninsured who use to seek services for free.

Click for entire article - before you post comments which ignore all of the facts you better read the entire article - otherwise your comment will be rejected.

"One of the nation’s largest hospital operators, Tenet Healthcare THC -0.25% (THC), last week opened a window into the differences for patients and hospital financial coffers between those states with Medicaid dollars and those without.

“In our five states that expanded Medicaid in 2014, we benefited from a significant migration of patients from uninsured into Medicaid with a 54% decline in uninsured admissions and a 27% decline in uninsured outpatient visits,” Tenet chief executive Trevor Fetter said during the company’s second-quarter earnings call last week.

Tenet saw across-the-board increases in “admissions, outpatient visits, surgeries and emergency department visits,” Fetter said."


"A report last week from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-funded Urban Institute said states that haven’t expanded will “miss out” on more than $420 billion in federal dollars between now and 2022. In addition, the states that don’t expand are losing out on increased employment in the health care industry from newly insured patients who have help paying for services."


"In Indiana, for example, Families USA said last week that had the state expanded Medicaid in January of this year “when the option was first available, by 2016 new federal funds flowing into the state would have supported 16,400 jobs and increased state economic activity by $1.9 billion"

Increased healthcare means more jobs.  More jobs means more economic development and a faster growing economy.

You watch as the reality sinks in with the hospitals, doctors, and insurance companies they will start to donate to candidates in Texas who support the expanded Medicaid.  The Republicans are going to have to shift their position or chance hospitals, doctors, and insurance companies backing Democrats.

The Forbes article could prove a major asset for Wendy Davis, Democrat for Governor, but I can assure you the significance of this article will be lost on Wendy Davis.  She is unfortunately a one trick pony whose trick has long faded into oblivion.


Anonymous said...

Expanding medicare is great for the hospitals in the short run only. It is very bad for the States and especially the Taxpayers. Obamacare is already staggering under its own weight; certain to fail in its present form. If the issue of where you can actually receive a subsidy ever reaches the Supreme Court...Obamacare is dead. That's the fatal blunder. The subsidies, by the written word itself, can only be awarded through the State Exchanges. You know how to read a law, unlike our Constitutional Law lecturer. Since most states opted out of exchanges, you can infer that most recipients got their subsidies through the Federal Marketplace. No amount of tongue twisting can change those facts and Obama has squandered any chance he would have finding many useful fools left to follow his gross leadership and management incompetence past the November elections.

BobbyWC said...

I diatribe without regard for reality.

You seem to not keep up with the economy. The CBO has the current deficit at its lowest since Obama took office. Because of growth in employment, tens of thousands of Americans who stopped looking for work have rejoined in an official way the ranks of the unemployed. The unemployment rate holds basically steady just above 6% because as more people find work, more people who were not being recorded as unemployed are joining the numbers officially.

Growth is happening in all major sectors.

What do you think will happen to the Republican Party if Obamacare fails because of them - they die out - they will be blamed

You cannot put millions of people on insurance and then take it away without people rising up. If Obamacare fails over 100,000 new workers in healthcare will be out of work.

Let the Republicans continue with their nonsense - they are already running to Obamacare as reality sets in.

Is it what I wanted? - no - I wanted a one payer system under the federal government so rates would be more predicable.

Medicare has proven over and over again as being better in managing premiums in terms of healthcare delivered than private insurance companies - but then Medicare does not have to pay executives millions of dollars to find reasons to deny valid claims.

Medicare does not spend millions on lawyers fighting valid claims.

The one payer system was rejected because millionaire executives gave enough to the Republicans to insure their wealth while hard working Americans go without insurance.

Insurance companies could not compete with a Medicare type system so they paid the Republicans to kill it.

Yea, take away the insurance from the people they now have and watch how fast the Republican party becomes a party of the past.

Bobby WC