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UPDATE:  Click here for an article concerning a Republican election contest in Mississippi.  It relates to the US Senate.  The article is important because it shows election fraud is a national issue and happens in both political parties, BUT MORE importantly, it shows how evidence gets tainted by the losing side.  I desperately want the AG to win, but if they allow for the tainted evidence to get in, they will have egg on their face and Greg Abbott could find himself in trouble with the election.  The AG needs to screen all of the evidence with a fine tooth comb and get rid of any charges which could remotely be tied to tainted evidence - or chance losing all the cases.


Above Sara Virginia Perales and Vicenta Verino, will have their first appearances before Judge David Gonzales, on Thursday at 9 a.m.  Court records show Verino is represented by Reynaldo Cisneros.  The hearing itself will be uneventful - normally - one can always be surprised.

I will be there only to see what is to be seen.  You never know which former candidates or current office holders will show or their families and or staff.  Criminals tend to gravitate back to the scene.  Those who paid these alleged politiqueras will have someone in the courtroom to report back to them.  It is just a matter of seeing the who.

Tomasa Chavez is represented by Ed Cyganiewicz.  Her first hearing will be before Judge McDonald on August 20th, along with that of Facunda and Bernice Garcia. 

Judge Betacourt will have her first hearing with Margarita Ozuna on September 16, 2014.  Judge Betacourt oversaw Ozuna's first case.  This one could be interesting.  A competent attorney can open her first plea bargain as coerced.  The court transcript clearly shows this. 

Ozuna kept on walking out of court saying no to the plea - she even said no to what she was admitting to, but Masso kept after her on the record and in front of a lot of witnesses until she gave in.  No competent judge would have allowed for the plea that day.  It was obvious to everyone Ozuna was being coerced.  If Ozuna can retain competent counsel, the first plea can be thrown out and Betacourt will be forced to recuse herself for making herself party to a coerced plea.

I know how people think - accused means guilty.  They never learned in this county innocent until proven guilty.  Also our judicial system is not about true innocence or guilt.  It is about a process which we hope results in the guilty being found guilty and the innocent being found innocent.

A guilty verdict does not mean a person is really guilty.  The Innocent Project has proven that hundreds of times now in Texas.

These cases are wrought with problems related to tainted evidence.  I am the only person in Cameron county who has tried one of these cases and won.  Because I did my job I was able to force the Dallas county DA to call no witnesses.  I was able to prove to the DA's office that I had the evidence to show all of his evidence had been tainted with and compromised by the loser's workers.  It was so bad a blind woman who understands no Spanish signed an affidavit in Spanish alleging she was tricked by a politiquera.  Now, the judge, who lost his reelection bid, ordered several seniors brought to court against their will and horror of the DA - it was highly illegal.  It did not work - the seniors along with the jury took the judge to task where upon he stormed out of the courtroom, after the jury came back with a not guilty and reprimanded the judge for being biased.

Any competent prosecutor knows that once a crime scene is compromised, such as it was in these cases by Yolanda Begum and CAVA, even good evidence becomes tainted and compromised.  The question is, will the  attorneys representing these six women do their job and have all of the evidence tossed.

I know that is not what people want to hear.  I know to the intellectually disabled what I just wrote means I am defending the politiqueras.  I am not.  I am doing what you hate - educating you - giving you knowledge - you know that stuff which comes from communist homosexual conspiracies.

In a perfect world everyone including the candidates who hired the politiqueras will go down - but our system is a system of process not true innocence or guilt.  And like it or not - it works - most of the time.   It is only when the process is corrupted by the DA's, judges, or incompetent defense counsel that it fails.  Oh, I am sure even when the process is perfect a few innocent people go to jail and a few guilty walk.

My point is - do not think this is a cake walk for the AG's office - it is not.  Competent counsel will have no problem getting all if not most charges dropped, or pleas which amount to nothing more than a slap on the hand.  If the cases move forward it means no competent defense counsel worked on the cases.

The good news, I am certain the candidates who hired the politiqueras are too cheap to come up with the money to insure competent defense counsel are hired.

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