Sunday, August 24, 2014

In terms of the proper use of city resources it is easy to oppose Cyclobia.  But here is my question - I keep on hearing about the downtown businesses and how this is bad for them - but where are these businesses speaking out against Cyclobia?  No where to be found - yes I can go downtown and quote a business owner who is upset - so what?  Why are the downtown businesses not in an uproar about this?  Answer - they do not care.
Several years ago I offered the police and firefighters associations my time to block walk for signatures for a recall, after the City Commission basically turned them into eunuchs.  The response was - only if we can do it on our motorcycles, while eating chicken legs and drinking beer.
Why should I believe the downtown business owners actually care when I have yet to see any meaningful opposition by them to Cyclobia?
Remember that female bar owner who claimed the end of humanity if we passed the smoking ban - by her own admission her bar was such a dump no one would go there for any reason other than to smoke.  Well, her bar is packed all of the time on the weekends.
It is easy to agree that Cyclobia is an improper use of city resources - but if the downtown business owners are unwilling to lead in the battle against Cyclobia, why should I care when they do not.
The whiners limit their activism to typing nonsense on a keyboard in their air conditioned homes.  God forbid they show up at Cyclobia protesting in support of the businesses they claim to be protecting.
Maybe all of the endless whiners need to post a huge sign at the Brownsville city limits saying


Anonymous said...

How is cyclobia bad for downtown business?

What are the issues?

The last I read, down town business owners were mad at certain city commissioners for shrinking 6th street from three to two lanes. I have never heard of cyclobia, what is it, and how does it affect downtown business?

Business owners get mad about raising parking meter rates, and blocking the flow of traffic to their business. If cyclobia had something to do with causing the cluster F***K that is soon to be 6th street then it obviously puts its interests above those of the people who work in downtown.

But again, what is cyclobia?

BobbyWC said...

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Anonymous said...

Ok . . . . I checked out the website, and I do not see how cyclobia affects downtown business. in fact I would think that it helps downtown business. I do not understand the point of your blog post about opposing cyclobia.

I do recall a blog post about downtown business owners and some e-mails with Rose Gowen about closing a lane on 6th street, and then again complaints about raising parking meter rates in downtown.

According to the website, cyclobia had an event that took place in the evening when most stores are closed, and if anything brought people into the downtown area, why would the business owners be against cyclobia?

I thought the issue was the shrinking of 6th street?

BobbyWC said...

Now try this, go back and read the title of the piece and consider my theme. Where did I ever say downtown businesses have a problem. My entire point was, I haven't heard any complaining at all.

My only issue is the use of public funds when there are more pressing issues in Brownsville.

But I certainly did not say downtown business has a problem with it - if anything I said from what I can see they are not saying anything such as others are alleging

Bobby WC