Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Apparently Carlos Elizondo is so stupid he believes he can pay Montoya to discredit me in hopes the people who came to me to tell me how he pulled an Oscar Garcia and switched sides after taking their money, will forget they came to me with the story.

Montoya claims that on June 4, 2014, I made the following statement concerning Larry Brown -

"I want to be clear - Larry Brown is the best person for the job at the airport. He is truly an advocate for Brownsville. He knows his business. The problem is - he cannot wave a magic wand to make things happen"

His claim is false and 100% misleading.

What he forgets to tell those who consider him trustworthy is I prefaced the statement with: "Here is an old BV story on said history.."

The statement was in fact made on January 2, 2011 - nearly 4 years ago.  The purpose of the June 4, 2014, piece was to show Larry Brown's long history of misleading the voters about the airport

Click for 2011 piece

Click for 2014 piece

The entire point of the 2014, piece was to show Larry Brown is anything but trustworthy when it comes to the airport.  So where is the contradiction?  Montoya does not even address the issue of the lie as to the cost of a new airport, because he cannot.


To make matters worse for Montoya, the first comment he received is from a disabled veteran complaining about Larry Brown's incompetence.  On this one I had to check the law.  I did not know that somewhere along the way the law changed.  It use to be municipal airports could not charge disabled veterans to park.  Well the current law allows for municipal airports to charge disabled veterans to park.  However the poster is correct, Harlingen does not charge disabled veterans to park.  I use the free parking all of the time when picking up or dropping off people in Harlingen.  I have never used the paid parking in Brownsville.

So for a second time Oscar X. Garcia is defending those who go after disabled veterans.  Shame on Oscar X. Garcia, the city of Brownsville, and Carlos Elizondo.


The blog readers will note McHale has posted pornography and outright lies to discredit Oscar X. Garcia.  The BV has not. Montoya has refused to defend Oscar X. Garcia, against McHale's pornography and lies.  I have been paid nothing by Judge Garcia, and took to the blog to defend him against the Democratic Chair Amber Medina.

In the BISD election, and I stand by my position, Cesar Lopez cannot beat Lucy Longoria.  With 5 people in the race all Lucy needs is 50% of the female vote and she wins, and that is without any man voting for her.  According to Montoya since I am not credible and subject to whims such as women [that sexist Judge Garcia and Carlos Elizondo] I am wrong about Lucy having the election won.  I am wrong about Lucy having good issues concerning Baltazar Salazar and Martin Arambula - but now I am confused because Montoya has agreed with me on those two issues - so who is the one who cannot make  up his mind.

According to Montoya I am not trustworthy when a call out an anony and say Cata is not taking money on the side from Linebarger - under Montoya's logic Cata must be taking money from Linebarger because I am saying she is not.


Montoya took money from Ernie and attacked me and PeƱa for going after the politiqueras, and then changed sides when Alex Begum's check was larger than Ernie's

It was Montoya attacking Saenz under contract to Masso, until Saenz's check became larger.

It was Montoya who said to Rick Zayas at the courthouse, had he paid the election may have turned out differently.

Any idiot can read what I posted in June and understand I was questioning Larry Brown's trustworthiness, but then the people who consider Juanito trustworthy and not just any idiots, they are special idiots who thrive on and demand the lies and corruption continue.

What he got for his post was a disabled veteran going after Larry Brown and proof positive evidence for the people of Brownsville there are no limits to how far Carlos Elizondo and Judge Garcia will go with lies and deception to win this election.

As to Judge Garcia I have been working on the Judicial Complaint.  My problem is, this incredibly unethical judge has violated so many rules I now have a kitchen sink approach.  That does not work - once I decide on the two best violations I will move forward.  It is as if Judge Garcia made of a list of all the rules of ethics and then checked them off one by one to insure he violated as many as possible.

If Judge Garcia thinks I am his biggest nightmare he better consider what has been discovered concerning the FBI 302 Interviews in the Limas and Villalobos cases.  I am the least of his problems when the feds come a knocking.


Anonymous said...

Bobby, totally changing the subject. It is not too much of a coincidence that the Militant Group ISIS started attacking Iraq just as soon as the terrorist were send back to Iraq as a trade off the that trader soldier that was given back to the USA. I say they should have kept that soldier! What do you think? The trade off has cost Thousands of innocent lives!!!!

Anonymous said...

I never understood why grown ass reputable men have to pay a scum bucket to write negatively and lie about their opponents. Run on your integrity and merits and don't get drawn into deception that leads to extortion from a drunkard. Even more so, why would any ethical woman get drawn into that, too, when Montoya has repeatedly through his writing and approval of comments demonstrated he's a pig with no respect for women?

It's easy for me to tell Montoya "Hey, fuck you, dickwad," and prefer the blog blows over losing my integrity. Why cannot men who so easily pound a gavel while sending a man to jail for life do the same? Why cannot a woman who represents an entire county precinct making substantial change do the same?

Are do such people of valor fall on their knees to a criminal whose weapon of choice is a keyboard?

Anonymous said...

Is Carlos Elizondo a Caty Presas Garcia puppet. She is heard saying he is her number one candidate. What's the deal? Anyone know.

BobbyWC said...

That is the claim - he told people he would not align with them, and took their money, and then he got caught working with Cata and Lucy. Now this is a personal thing - if you believe Cata and Lucy are the better trustees then Carlos is your man. If not then he is not.

Cata and Lucy have a following - people differ in their opinion as to what is happening.

You will not hear me defend the Otis Powers majority. There is nothing to defend. They certainly do not have my support.

My only issue is Healthsmart.

It does not matter how has the majority - both sides want to control the contracts and micro manage Carl Montoya.

Both sides are wrong. I just want to make sure we do not end up with 4 votes to dismiss the Healthsmart lawsuit.

Lucy will win with no problem - so she knocks out Cesar with a zero sum game. Bowman cannot win so nothing in gained except Lucy staying on the Board and eliminating Lopez.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Can you find out if Quintanilla will back up with money the Presas cabal.

BobbyWC said...

On the first post, I just saw you post this morning - I have no idea why it did come through as an email.

Anyone I see no relationship.

Further, I remember when this country protested for as opposed to against its POWS - how sad.

Everyone with an opinion on the subject was not there to see what this soldier was going through.

Emotionally stable people do not just walk off base into the hands of the enemy - especially when the enemy are butchers.

It is sad who and angry mob who was not there to see what this soldier was experiencing is so willing to let him rot as a POW.

We have become a very sad and sick country

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Carlos Elizondo is a Caty Presas puppet.
A vote for Elizondo , is a vote for Presas. Is that what you want?

Anonymous said...

I would not lose my integrity over a drunkard. It takes a whole lot more to bring me down...if ever