Thursday, August 28, 2014


In the past I have been protective of Rose Longoria because I knew some of the claims concerning test cheating were false in that I was with her when people were claiming she was changing test answers.  But now I am done.

Rose Longoria is so incompetent she does not know better than to send a parent who has already lost all confidence in her on not one but two wild goose chases. She appears to be claiming now no one on her staff can pick up the phone and ask Hanna to send over a student's file.  Hanna of course claims they will not release the file until requested by Pace.  Carl Montoya of course does nothing because forcing protected principals to do their job is beyond his skill set as the puppet of the current majority which keeps him in place so long as he plays along.

As to Luci Longoria complaining about this - no one is buying - she is one of the four who put Montoya as the superintendent without any search for a competent superintendent.  But then at the time Carl Montoya agreed to allow Luci, Escobedo, Cata, and Saavedra to run the school district while he was their puppet.

The complete story after I finish my initial story on the judges.


Well this post got action.  I am not going to discuss the nature of the call.  Actually, mostly because it was very professional and I do not want anyone attacking this person for working with me.  All Carl Montoya needs to know is, I was very, very impressed and happy.

We were both on the same page as to the mistakes and we both agreed on the best solution.  It was a very easy conversation.

So because of the extraordinary professionalism shown by this person - this story is now done.  The solution is in action.


Anonymous said...

Well said.

On another note; can Luci use the word "re-elect" on her campaign signs. She is running for different Place. So she is not asking to be re-elected to her current place. Can she use the word "Re-elect"?

Anonymous said...

We need your opinion. Luci is running for a different spot therefore it shouldn't be re- election... what do you say??

BobbyWC said...

Cesar Lopez needs to run his own campaign

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...


BobbyWC said...

Montoya is counting his days down - the political machine in place for Cata and Lucy far exceeds anything Cesar, Joe Rod or Rodriguez have in place - these three think you start a campaign after the election - the three combined do not have a clue.

They can see the same strategy played out over and over again, and remain clueless.

Montoya will be fired by years end as the new majority takes control

And here we go again.

BISD will end up with no liability coverage - maybe then the TEA will finally take administrative control.

Montoya is not stupid - he is ready for his retirement - he knows his days are numbered.

The lawyer representing BISD in the Healthsmart lawsuit will sue BISD for his fees after the new majority votes to dismiss the lawsuit.

As to the teachers - they can rot in hell - they will stay home and not vote and then bitch about why they have nothing - they deserve nothing

Trust me I do not give a rats ass if Montoya is sent packing - it is in the best interests of the district - I will shed no tear - my issue is Healthsmart and the benefit the money could bring to the brain dead teachers who are too stupid to care

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Don't judge all teachers the same. I vote, but unfortunately a lot don't. The sad thing is , everyone wants our vote, but they all have their own hidden agendas. They totally turn once they get into office and leave us with great disappointment. They change our insurance carriers constantly and make big decisions that end up hurting the district. ( just to name a few) SHOW US TRANSPARANCY..., all of you who run for office, mayor, commissioners, judges, state representatives etc.