Sunday, August 24, 2014

I get it costs money to fix problems.  You did not hear me complain about the rate increases. I just raised the temperature in my home.  We are comfortable with the AC at 79 instead of 74.  In the long run with stable natural gas rates, Brownsville's cost of electricity will stabilize and we will save money.  In some ways, more importantly it is an important investment for our children.
But here is the thing, BPUB had a half million dollars for a bogus start up airline for a convicted felon.  No one did their due diligence in regards to this airline or the convicted felon.  This is unfortunately all too common of a problem in Brownsville and Cameron county.
Until the community became outraged over Price Road being a bombed out road - in terms of appearance and driving on it, the COB did not take serious the issue of our decaying roads.
The BPUB's infrastructure has problems - big problems - and no one is planning for it.
"Brownsville Public Utilities Board crews were called out Thursday to replace a 12-inch water line that had ruptured, leaving residents in the area around Southmost Boulevard and East 20th Street without potable water all day.
The break was attributed to excessively dry soil that had contracted, putting pressure on the cement water line. This particular pipe was laid in 1980, making it one of the city’s oldest water lines, according to BPUB spokesman Ryan Greenfeld."
Several weeks ago I did a post on how ground movement in the Cowen Terrace area is impacting the electrical lines.  Well I yelled and within days crews were digging up the lines behind my home and making repairs. 
The problem is, the COB turned a blind eye to improper installation of the lines by the developer. I am certain someone back in 78/79 got a mordida.
The other night the residents on Cobblestone behind me and a resident on the corner of my block were again all without electricity because of the same problem.  Ground movement from the drought caused the electrical lines to fail.  You see I raised cane  and the line feeding into my immediate area was fixed, but the other one about 200 feet away was left with no repairs.
In investigating this matter, what I learned was BPUB has money for everything but fixing major problems.  We were told - no money in the budget for anything but temporary repairs.
Do I like my rates?  Nope - but I know it costs money to fix things and maintain the infrastructure.  Now some of our problems are the result of a lack of code enforcement  by the city when it mattered.  I am having electrical work done on my home which will cost more than $2,000.  Why? because the builder was allowed to put in a 150 breaker box for a home which needs a 200.  The BPUB has it set for a 200, so they did their part, but the builder to save a few bucks did not comply with the requirements of the house.
Everyone knows the costs of these infrastructure repairs is not going to go down.  In fact right now the BPUB is paying crews to do patch after patch after patch.  A proper repair means no more patches which means less money allotted for repairs crews.
But the BPUB is picture of mismanagement.  There is no vision in terms of keeping up with infrastructure repairs.
A major problem is, with so much waste [$500,000  for a convicted felon from Dallas] BPUB CEO/ General Manager John S. Bruciak simply does not have the confidence of the people to justify further rate increases to address the infrastructure problems. 
Because Bruciak does not have the trust of the people, the infrastructure problems will get worse, and in the end cost Brownsville a fortune in lost services and repairs.


Anonymous said...

Stop your bitching Bobby, you are the biggest advocate for the crooks at cant have it both ways. First you praise them and then you but5cher them are a true mental case.

BobbyWC said...

You live in a world of delusions. In your mythical works every decision any business makes is always perfect or bad.

In the REAL world without delusions, businesses make good and bad decisions.

But you want to live in a world where you get to whine endlessly about any progress if it costs you money, and then whine when you do not have the services.

What you did not here me complaint about is our rates. I adjusted - why? Because I do not live in a world of delustions. Progress costs money.

Your people bitch endlessly that Brownsville needs a processional city manager and then bitch when the city actually does what a professional city manager would push = investment in the future for progress.

Bobby WC