Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I wish I could post the picture of Bela eating breakfast, but it would identify the school she attends.  Given some of the vulgar and threatening posts I have rejected concerning Bela, that is not an option.
But I was very pleased to see BISD is using wheat biscuits to go with the sausage patty.  Her mother took control of her diet from the grandmother and Bela has lost a lot of weight with a proper diet.  Her school snack is apples or strawberries.  She use to wear a size 8 pants - she is tall - she now needs a belt to hold up a size 7.  So the mother and I were happy to see BISD is going to help where it can on the nutrition issue.  Also  day one, the teacher had them exercising to music. 
I am willing to point out BISD's faults, but when they do things right the community needs to know. 


Anonymous said...

Great Observation Bobby Keep Them Coming!

Anonymous said...

BISD has been using whole wheat for years. I am glad you made this known to the general public. I recently had whole wheat cinnamon rolls at a school that is not BISD you would never know the difference.

BobbyWC said...

Bela told me the food is yummy and she really likes all of the fruit. They seem to have their act together on food. Bela said she eats it all because it is very, very yummy.

She does have the most bizarre complaint about her teacher - for a 4 year old in pre-k. She wants homework - we laughed at that. We shall see if she feels that way in a few years.

I told her I do not think 4 year olds get much homework if ever


Anonymous said...

She's so beautiful ! And you are a great parent GBU Bobby!!