Saturday, August 23, 2014

I get the teachers are not being given the supplies they need. What is sad is there are millions to settle lawsuits for the friends and compadres of the trustees, but not a penny for the teachers and students.
My costs for Bela's supplies, not including her back pack, was more than $80.00.  Bela will always have what she needs for school.  It is important to me she always feels like everyone else.
The actual supplies for learning - paper, binders etc, is no big deal.  What angers me is the Trustees have money for their friends and compadres, but require the teachers, or parents supply the classroom with basic janitorial supplies.
I would have preferred to buy an extra set of basic school supplies for use by a child in need, such as Bela, but given how much it cost for one child that was no longer an option.  I will talk to Bela and find out if there is child without supplies she wants to help.  I may consider the more important basic supplies which Bela can give the child.  I need to teach her the importance of sharing and charity.  There is more to learning than the Three R's.
When I checked to see how the post came out I saw she already has on her new shoes.  While shopping for school supplies she told me she could not wear sneakers with her skirts.  I asked why, and she said "because you wear flats with skirts."  So we were off to Payless.  They are grey with a bow and small fake jewels.
At Walmart I said to her, "Bela my car is parked so far away. When we got here why did you not tell people to move their car so I could park?"  She said, "Bobby how could I you did not open the window."  We both laughed so hard.  She loves the back and forth with me. 

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