Friday, August 22, 2014


I thought about posting the picture with the school mascot, but for security reasons I do not want to say where she is attending school.

The school having the mascot out for the kids made the school very welcoming.  The teacher and assistant were very, very welcoming of all the children who showed up.  We were last in line so that gave Bela more time to speak with the teacher and explore the classroom, which she did.  That only made her more excited.

The teacher told us Bela is basically where they want the children at the end of Pre-K.  So we are good - it should be easy for her as the teacher just reinforces what she already knows.  With her confidence level high anything new should be easy.

Bela has finished the first two sets of "Bob Books" My only concern is Bela is use to learning at her own pace and on her terms.  We do not force her.  But given the fact she is reading at 4 years old, on her terms has worked.  She now has to learn to be part of a group.

In the end I have to say the teachers were awesome in how welcoming they made their classrooms.  Everything is so colorful. 


We were walking in and I said, "Bela I cannot believe it, it seems like yesterday you were a tiny little baby, but now " then she breaks in and says "I'm a big girl."  I said " I think you eat too much" and she said, "but I have to eat so I do not die."  Maybe too much for a 4 year old to think about - but will be 5 in October.  Bela is like a sponge - she is constantly learning.  In a very limited way she can tell you how bees pollinate.  We try to turn everything into a lesson.

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