Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Rick Perry's lawyer has filed a Motion to Dismiss, Via a Pretrial Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus. At 60 pages I think is its overdone - but at $450 an hour 60 pages is a good payday.

The most interesting thing in it is if he wins, it would mean count 8 of the Indictment of Ernie Hernandez would have been unconstitutional.

My recommendation to local attorneys is to download this brief to learn something about pretrial methods for having your client's criminal charges dismissed, and how you invoke the constitution to win a case.

Click for Rick Perry's Pretrial  Habeas Corpus

Sorry I do not have more for my readers - but I have a lot on my plate today.


Anonymous said...

There you go again, still protecting what is bad in this community.....still protecting Ernie Hernandez, and you say Montoya is bad...

BobbyWC said...

How the hell am I protecting him. His case is done - even if the Court of Criminal Appeals were to find the law unconstitutionally vague, at this late date the ruling could do nothing to help Ernie.

Further, unless you live in a cave, there are other elected officials abusing their office every day.

The bigger issue is, a Rick Perry ruling could make it more difficult for DA's to prosecute elected officials who abuse their office.

But somehow you seem to think the issue is Ernie Hernandez as opposed to the bigger impact it would have on our community.

Ernie Hernandez is nothing more in this post than a vehicle for highlighting how a ruling for Rick Perry can impact our community.

Sad your hatred for one person is so intense you cannot see the bigger problem with Rick Perry's argument and its impact on our community.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bobby for writing down your thoughts. It's the journalist in you and how you at least try to read between the lines and have some prospective on it.