Monday, July 21, 2014


Well I have not been totally silent, but maybe 90% silent.  Here is the deal, whether it was the old majority now crying about micromanagement by the new majority, both are guilty of micromanaging BISD.  I am not going to change how I  feel about micromanaging.  The old majority was wrong and the new majority is wrong.

I have made this the focal point of my defense of TSC President Tecero - there are trustees who want to micromanage TSC and I will oppose them.

So what am I to say about BISD? - it is just a repeat of the same old garbage - new majorities taking control of the contracts which make the old majorities mad since they have lost control of the contracts.

You will not hear from the BV any defense of the new majority.  Other than one program being developed which the board may not even be involved in I know of only one good thing being developed for the children.  I have been silent on it because I know it will turn into a bidding and influence peddling thing by all of the trustees if they get involved. So once everything is in place, assuming it happens, I will talk about it in a positive light.

There is a simple truth - Superintendents know they either play along or get pushed out.  Talking about the supers is a waste of time.  The legislature needs to put into the hands of the Regional Offices of the TEA the hiring and firing of all Superintendents.  This simple solution will protect all superintendents from intrusive trustees.  Potentially good superintendents fail because they are too busy dealing with meddling trustees - such as we have now at BISD, and we had with the previous majority.

So here is the deal - let the trustees take each other down.  There is no one to defend. And for the record, I did on the record commend Presas-Garcia for telling Miguel Salinas he needs to handle a lot of these legal issues before they reach the board.  And I did go on record as saying Presas-Garcia and Longoria are correct about Martin Arambula and Baltazar Salazar - so no one can say I am taking one side or the other.

I say just let them eat each other alive.  Nothing will change until the state changes the law providing greater protection for the superintendents.

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