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Of course Cascos claims to be the responsible fiscal conservative, but facts indicate otherwise.  I have always opposed new courts in Cameron county.  As it is our judges are not working full time. 

The new JP position for Brownsville is a complete and total waste of taxpayer money.  It does not matter who initiated the position - it was wrong.

As it is now the two JP's Brownsville have are very part time.  Adding a third part time JP is a complete and total waste of taxpayer money.

No one has officially been elected to the new position.  In case you are unaware the election is not until November.

Commissioners  court needs to put on the agenda now the elimination of the position before its spends money creating an office and hiring staff for a needless 3rd JP.

So the question is, who will stand with the people Joe Rivera or Carlos Cascos - or will both for political expediency and being able to cut deals with Sofie Benavides just throw taxpayer money down the drain.

My money is Carlos Cascos showing his true colors and not acting.  Even if he is the only vote to eliminate the position at least he shows the people of Cameron county how the Democrats will waste their money to keep Sofie Benavides happy.

Finally, Sofie Benavides should recuse herself from all votes involving the courts.  The same for Commissioners Sanchez and Dominguez. Yea, we all know that is not going to happen.


Anonymous said...

You have no grip on reality! But then it's understandable that FAIRIES, come from fairyland! And I mean that in the worst possible way! Why weren't you up in arms when Ernie first favored the idea? Hell you didn't make a peep throughout the elections, objecting to this court! But no, now you are on Linda's payroll, and all of the sudden you conjured up the idea to do away with this position! It's no coincidence, that just a week ago, Linda began her rants and raves about this new position, and her getting certain office space, and low and behold over the weekend, Bobby magically gets the idea to do away with this court! It is you who do not respect the voice of Cameron County voters! If you did, you would understand that the voters spoke loud and clear, when they elected Mary Esther Garcia, to represent them as their new Justice Of The Peace 2-3! For you to say that there has been be no election, completely dismisses and rejects the voice of the thousands of people that voted for Ms. Garcia! Again, your message, Cameron County Voters, who voted in the primaries, don't matter! Here's how it works in the real world Bobby...An election date is set, voters cast their ballots for the candidates of their choice, votes are tallied, and a winner is determined by which candidate harvested the most votes! If anything can be said about no election being held yet, you are absolutely right, because come november, Ms. Garcia won't have a republican challenger, which means, that's right Bobby, there will be no election for the JP 2-3 position! Tada! Mary Esther Garcia is you elected JP since May! Now yes she will not be JP until January, still using facts, follow along Bobby, but she has been elected loud and clear! Now consider all those FACTS, I KNOW IT'S HARD TO WRAP YOUR LITTLE BRAIN AROUND THEM, do you think there is anyone on the Cameron County Commissioner's Court who wants to upset all those voters who spoke loud and clear, and risk losing those votes in a County wide election? This is to easy! I own you! I know you don't have enough hair on your lips to post this, so I will copy and paste to Montoya's blog, a blog for the people! Go back to fairyland!

BobbyWC said...

Yes, post to the blog of the guy constantly caught lying - all you did in your cowardly anony post is tell me readers to get heard you have to go to a pathological liar.

What makes you think people find your personal attacks to be credible?

You use personal attacks because you cannot address the issue - typical Montoya style.

We do not need the position. It is a waste of tax dollars money. Why would Linda care - it means less work for her and more time away from the court.

And inasmuch as Judge Salazar is he only sitting JP who will be in the new offices exactly who is she arguing with?

It is Sofie Benavides using you position on Commissioners court to force the best office be given to her daughter. Now that is the story and not your distraction that Linda is opposed to the position because she would hate working less.

Your pea size brain cannot figure out it is to Linda's benefit to have less work.

So why not address the issue? Because you have no defense for wasting taxpayer mone?y - that is why.

Let me tell you about voters - they hate politicians who use their money for personal pet projects which are not needed.

You actually believe the handful of people who voted for Mary Ester knew the position was not needed and was in fact a waste of taxpayer money.

The voters will stand with any commissioner on record showing it is a waste of money.

You seem to know nothing about voters.

Your presumption that the people - meaning nearly none actually voting for Mary Ester when you consider the number of voters who could have voted are going to vote out of office commissioners who do away with a court not needed thereby saving the people money. You are beyond living in la la land.

Finally your boorish complaint I am on Linda's payroll proves you have no regard for facts.

The BV successfully filed a complaint against Linda for telling people to hire notaries to represent them in JP court.

The BV is the only blog who tied her to Sonia Solis - given this reality what could possibly lead you to believe she would offer me money. You have no defense on the issue so you create a boorish distraction

Now just say it - you are a Mary Ester backer and you just want the money wasted so Mary Ester has a job - that is the bottom line - and why you never address the issue of is the position is needed?

Commissioners court has eliminated JP positions elsewhere in the county with no backlash.

And for the record the BV did oppose the creation of the court. When the idea first emerged it was myself and Ruben Pena going after the Hernandez family while your buddy Montoya was trashing us daily for going after Ernie and the politiqueras - but as you have proven - facts have no place in your world.

Just insults and lies.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

It was Ernie who created this position for his daughter Erin. Simple. Ernie did it.

BobbyWC said...

Fine then he was wrong. But if I am to believe a post elsewhere he later opposed it after Erin won her current seat. If this is true - it only shows he original motivation.

And as the record shows during this time period Ruben Pena and I were going after Ernie while Montoya was attacking us daily.

It does not matter who created it - address the issue - it is a waste of taxpayer money.

You will never address the issue because you know you cannot.

And while I am not sure - I will check later - it may not be too late for an independent to get on the ballot and run on a promise to call on commissioners court to eliminate the position.

You cannot run as an independent if you voted in either primary.

But the deadline may have already passed - I suspect it has

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Booby J.P.'s are only part-time positions, always have been!. You Know that! Look at the salary they get it is peanuts compared to the other positions in the courts. Come on you know it is a part-time position!

Anonymous said...

Have you looked at the BISD agenda? Caty getting 15,000.00 to travel? The item specifically names Caty as the recipient of the funds being asked for, Really? Is she the only board member that is allowed to use District Funds to travel? Teachers are not allow to go to conferences, but board members are? WHY?WHY?WHY?

Anonymous said...

Then you should apologize for posting that it was Commissioner Benavides, who created the position for her daughter! Very misleading, but then again, went come to expect out from you!

Anonymous said...

let's don't kid ourselves who runs for JP's positions? people who make much less than the salary but drool over the profitable wedding business, how much was linda making before? how much was Erin making before? Mary Esther was working as a secretary and Jonathan just opened his firm, it takes time to build up a practice so it is nice to get a few secure dollars in the mean time, he was not making much more than the $48,000.00 as assistant DA, Linda is unhappy because the wedding business is going to be divided by three now, all bunch of self serving losers

BobbyWC said...

You have one part right - it will mean another person competing for the weddings. But where you are wrong is all judges charge - well Gonzales stopped during his campaign and did them for free.

Riddle me this - with Bennie Ochoa as the JP for SPI, why are so many people hiring Linda and Erin - because it is their choice

It has nothing to do with recruiting. The marriage office is in a completely different building - couples are given a list of the JP's and judges. the couples can see Bennie Ochoa is right there near SPI - but people have the right to choose who they want to marry them.

Personally I think if the person does not have a personal choice then they should be referred to the one closest to their residence.

But the problem is some people see prestige in being married in the court house

Bobby WC

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