Tuesday, July 8, 2014


My second post will be about making choices in order to move forward with economic development- Space X.

I chose this graphic because it shows nothing which could offend anyone but the most puritanical twits - that means you Rose Gowen.  I do have a post on Gowen's failure as a city commissioner and doctor - but that will be tomorrow - today is about moving forward.

For me it is actually very curious we are moving backyards on public nudity.  But we are moving forward on neutrality in sexuality.  That will be another post.  On Big Brother two straight guys have agreed to cuddle while watching movies to deal with the loneliness.  While another straight guy, without sex, sleeps and cuddles with a gay guy. 

 I remember 7th grade and the gym showers.  The gym teacher told us to pair up with any friend we may have had in class and then  assigned us a locker to share.  He then said strip and put on your jock strap.  It meant nothing to us.  We had already been swimming naked in our pools when our parents were not home or at the lake.   We knew who had already been going through the change and who had not.  We all knew things you saw in the locker room remained off limits in terms of conversation.  We respected our bodies.

Basic training was 60 guys at once taking a shower in an open horseshoe shower.  It meant nothing.  We were tired - dirty and just wanted to be clean.  In fact our drill use to line the 6o of us up and say to start walking through the horseshoe shower.  You have to be done by the time you walked the horseshoe.  We walked slow from shower head to shower head.  We were 60 men front to back doing what was natural.  Taking a shower.  Nothing sexual. 

It just saddens me the perverts who sexualize nudity get to decide the law on the issue.

Today, it blows my mind as young men at the gym take showers in their underwear. 

My near 10 years of abstinence comes from my respect for my body. [I will admit there is someone at bingo I have the hots for, but I have not been the one to ask someone out - especially if I am not sure.  We do flirt  and I really want to go out with him.  We are about the same age.  But I guess flirting is all I get.  I just want to go for coffee - maybe a movie or even bingo.  I want to find out who he is - where he sees himself at age 70 - which is not far off for us. 

 I do not see the body as sexual.  I see it as god's design and natural.  The nudists I join on SPI are always over 50 with most in their 60's and 70's.  We are not sitting their looking at one another.  We are enjoying being natural and talking mindless nothings or playing cards.

It is sad puritanical individuals who obsess over their body as sexual instruments have the right to tell those of us who respect our bodies that public nudity is wrong.

Their insecurities is the only reason we do not have a nude beach on Boca Chica.  Giving us as mile before the mouth of the Rio Grande is a logical location for such a beach.  It will bring tourists in from all over the country year round.  It will create a cottage industry of drivers running the nudists out to the beach and bringing them back to their Brownsville hotel.  I will bet some hotels will advertise free rides to the nude beach.  It means money - but no - puritanical Brownsville hates moving forward.

A California case is heading to the Supreme Court.  The ruling will be an absolute bar is unconstitutional and that some accommodation must be made.  In our case that accommodation is one mile from the mouth of the river on Boca Chica.  What is sad is it will take a court order for Cameron county to comply with the Supreme Court ruling,  They will spend our tax dollars to avoid making money on the tourism and then after they lose they will take the profits which nudism brings into Brownsville and waste on it something else.

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