Wednesday, July 16, 2014


UPDATE:  if we are to assume Montoya is telling the truth, the big story is the FBI and AG worked together on the case and kept DA Saenz out of it.  Why?  Could it be last time around AG Jonathan White saw Saenz embracing Ozuna and Becerra - as of this moment Carrizales is showing no one in processed.  But it takes time.

FURTHER UPDATE: Carlos Masso is working on the cases in some capacity.  He controlled Margarita Ozuna who clearly did not want to agree to the plea bargain.

So what we know is the story is true, and Carlos Masso is on the ground doing damage control.  The source is also saying the DA's office was in fact involved and it was just not the AG, and DOJ.

I am waiting on further confirmation from another source.

Again, I hope this time around it leads to the arrest of candidates.  Judge Tagle was correct on this issue.  I do not care who the candidate is - if they have the evidence - indict them and put them to justice.


To be clear the more of these people to be arrested the better.  Hopefully, eventually one will have the evidence which allows the government to take down the candidates also.  Let the axe fall where it may, with no sacred cows.

I am getting a lot of nasty comments asking why I am no covering the story.  Well here you go.  For the record, if the story is true the Montoya got it from Saenz and the press is not going to be happy they were left out.

Once an arrest is made an indictment is unsealed - normally.  I checked Pacer, federal filings - nothing - no indication of indictments for any of the alleged arrested politiqueras.

I checked the docket sheets for the Brownsville federal magistrate judges  for the next few days - no politiqueras are listed for arraignment.

I check and called the Cameron county jail - nothing.  I called sources who would know and it is news to them.

Now does this mean nothing has happened? No.  But given the fact Montoya lied about Villalobos being indicted the first time - why in hell would I rely on Montoya as a source.  Further his story does have a verifiable lie in it.  Sonia Solis never said a word in open court about Norma Hernandez - that is a lie.

The US attorney claimed in the PSI that the people who prepared the PSI claimed Sonia Solis met with Norma Hernandez - big difference.

My view is indict them all and if the evidence is there send them to jail with as many candidates as possible.

I will continue to put out feelers - but every possible federal source, Pacer, judicial schedules for arraignments, and inside sources show nothing.  So all I can report at this  time is federal data bases which at this time should be verifying the story have nothing.

Having said that the BV was the first to post the Sonia Solis indictment.  In fact every local news service used the BV's copy.  The same people who helped me get the Sonia Solis indictment are saying there is nothing to be released.

But then they could be withholding information under protocol at this time.

The thing which will put a smile on my face is the arrest of a candidate.  I do not care who it is - no sacred cows.  Then we will have a major story.  It is time the candidate go to jail.


Anonymous said...

What about your buddies, Los Hernandez? Montoya scooped you like ice cream.

BobbyWC said...

What story about the Hernandez's - he just makes claims and one is 100 verifiable false - Sonia Solis never said anything - it was someone in a PSI report and given the fact the AUSA did not believe a word Sonia Solis said, which is why he recommended the max it was unethical for him to reference the claim in the PSI report.

I do not have Saenz calling me with information.

But unlike Montoya source mine corrected him and said Saenz office is involved, and my source has Masso on the ground doing damage control.

Where is Montoya on this.

This is a big part of the story. Saenz is behind in releasing information to Montoya

So who scooped who - he lied about the Hernandez as to Sonis Solis.

Now to be fair I am 100% certain several of these politiqueras will be linked to Saenz, Masso, the Hernandez family, Ruben Cortez, Liinda Salazar and others.

And I do not care who gets taken down - if they have the evidence indict every candidate how hired them - no sacred cows.

Montoya is the only one who has ever defended the Hernandex family and their use of politiqueras, And the facts stand he defamed me and Ruben Pena almost daily for trying to expose the truth.

Today for the first time Montoya Gomez is tied to them - I reported that a year ago with documentation , but Gomez was not paying me to be silent - I guess that check will now stop.

Stories develop. Saenz is the only one who could have told Montoya and the regular press is going to be mad they were kept out of the loop

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

WELL BV. I hope you get the information you need. As long as these people get what they deserve. I am just wondering why Amadeo Rodriguez is not on of them. He is the brother of Sylvia Rodriguez . Linda Salazar right hand women. Linda Salazar also used the same politiqueria as the Hernandez do. What's up with that...

BobbyWC said...

No sacred cows - I would love for a lot of elected officials to be indicted over this and candidates who lost. the more indicted candidates whether the lost or won the better.

I have a bunch of people at the federal and state level working on this.

This is how I was able to confirm Masso is working to take come control of this mess. he knows his political career is over if any of these people speak.

I had no incentive to correct Montoya that saenz office is working it - but that is what a reliable source told me so I reported it. Montoya kept it out to try and hide Saenz as his source

I will stay on it.

Now we need to hope the assigned judge will allow for live coverage - the people have a right to live coverage

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Sorry guys, I will not allow anony posters tied to campaigns to post claims certain live candidates are guilty.

I will work the story and get out the most information possible.

No sacred cows - period

Bobby WC