Monday, July 21, 2014


Some 10,000 years ago in a civilization high in the Andes in what is now Bolivia a shaman by the name of Dagwood wrote a prophecy known as the Dagwood Prophecy.  He wrote some day in a land north of his home a Pat Ahumada, Tad Hasse and Bobby WC would all come to agreement about something political.  It is after this event, the world would end

I had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting Frank Morris, the former [or not[] Chair of the Cameron County Republican Party.  I sought to ask him a simple question.  Why are the Republicans not block walking and informing the community they exist as an alternative to the corruption of Villalobos, Limas and the politiqueras?  He was very indignant over the idea someone might suggest an idea to him.  Rude is an understatement to describe his reaction.

I have to agree 100% with Tad Hasse and Pat Ahumada that Frank Morris is the Hinojosa of the Cameron County Republican Party.  He is a failed leader and has used his position to push his agenda and interfere with the primaries.  This is wrong,

As strange as it may sound, I believe a strong competitive Republican Party is good for Cameron County.  It would require the Democrats to get their act together and end all of the corruption.  It would force the Democrats to run more competent candidates.  There are many competent Republican lawyers in Cameron county who could win as judges, if the Republican Party had new leadership - and sorry guys - but younger leadership.

They need to open the tent to diverse ideas in how to move the party forward.

But now it is too late because according to the Book of Dagwood now that Pat Ahumada, Tad Hasse, and I all agree the world is about to end,

I wish Pat and Tad the best in building an new and more vibrant Republican Party for Cameron county.  This one is where the two can work to actually make Cameron county a better place.  Being elected to public office is not always the answer.  But if they can build a competitive Republican Party for the county, we will all be better off as the Democrats are forced to run better and more qualified candidates and candidates not hopelessly corrupt.


Anonymous said...

Well, Carlos Cascos was not the best way to kick-start the Party. They had a better chance with Tony Garza.
I have dealt with Judge Cascos on County issues with subdivision development, and he turned out to be the same type politician as those who control the Democratic Party: manipulative, calculating, favor-seeking, favor-selling assholes. I came away from my dealing with the County realizing that when educated, community-minded elected officials make up their mind, their is no ethics or morality involved. Beware the call that offers, "Can we meet for coffee?"
I also credit Judge Cascos with the most asinine comments I've ever heard concerning public safety issues with mailboxes on the county roadways, but that's another story.
I remain, for fear of reprisals,

Anonymous said...

I've talked with Frank many times and I have found him to be a gentleman. You shouldn't let one meeting taint your view of him. Despite what certain people allege Frank is embracing the younger generation. He pushed for a young republicans group and we have a thriving group. Frank Morris was just reelected and I, for one, support him.

BobbyWC said...

Thanks for giving a diverse opinion in a professional manner - it is important to the discussion and when the BV works best

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

There are those who are saying this is an ideological issue like Jim Barton. I tried to comment several times about various libertarians in the current GOP leadership. One visible youngster that I know of is Morgan Graham who is very much openly a libertarian, and despite that is able to work with and be given opportunities by the current county GOP administration to gain experience and learn. She is in the leadership for the Young Republicans group, and from our understanding is also going to be a part of the establishment of a chapter of a Hispanic Republican federation as her roots lie in that community as well. There are many Hispanics in the party. I for one hope to see more open minded conservatives like her become prominent as log cabin republicans like myself have not been able to declare ourselves locally.

BobbyWC said...

Great post - thanks for making the BV work for the community.

We need well spoken competing ideas to move our community forward.

Again, thanks

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

sorry guys I do not allow for speculation about who an anony may be - as a general rule.

Here the outing was just nasty - from an anony of course - they fail to see the hypocrisy in their post

Bobby WV

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that the Republicans are choosing this of all years for so much upset and political cannibalism. Are they so mushed in the head that they would rather focus on infighting than their elections?

BobbyWC said...

I think a lot of people will agree with your comment, but I beg to differ.

In Cameron county they basically do not exist. Well in numbers and the closet yes.

I think with no Democrat possibly being able to take a statewide office nothing they do in Cameron county will hurt the upper ballot.

The question is will it hurt Cascos.

This really comes down to what the whiners are willing to do to win the battle.

It baffles me that independent of any differences each may have that they cannot agree to block walk to everyone Democrat who voted in the primaries with a simple message.

Democrats corruption - it is time for change - they can name Villalobos, Limas, the politiqueras.

If it gets to out of hand and no one bothers to do as I suggest it could hurt Cascos and Garcia - but if they block walk with the message while on the side fighting for control of the party I think Cascoa and Garcia can win.

In fact instead of whining how about those oppose to Frank take the lead on block walking and use the opportunity to show why they are the leaders who get Republicans elected and not Frank.

But I agree a lot of people are t thing the same as you and your comment added to the BV - thanks

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that the Young Republicans are working to organize such block walkings as we speak as they are recruiting and have asked myself as well as others to join in the efforts. They are more open than the regular GOP to party conservatives of all stripes. Hopefully they will not get caught up in the squall and will not let the tyrants on both sides of that ridiculous drama direct their decisions. I am happy to see new blood get involved in something conducive to a bipartisan system, instead of the corrupt one party system we have running the show in Brownsville.

BobbyWC said...

The comment I rejected I saw as an attempt to silence the person by outing them. The funny thing is the poster accused Frank of the same thing. The post about the drama on both sides is spot on.

Guys stay focused. Do your block walking - target the Democrats who voted in the primary.

Lead through example and prove to the rank and file you earned the right to be in charge.

Now I will still vote Democrat - but I do want a strong Republican party in Cameron county because I see it as the only way to fix the corrupt Democratic Party of Cameron county.

Good luck with the block walking. You are proving you are more than words and good for you

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Not going there on the Fourth Horseman - but I agree with you and I like your style.

Everyone knows - the person is a nightmare and lost cause

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Thank you for not allowing Tad to attack people anonymously on your blog and try to out people from our community against their wishes. Within hours of my comment homophobic and hateful statements were made anonymously on another blog against somebody who is not responsible for my input,. The gay conservative community was treated badly at the state convention, and it seems that even the people who claim to be proponents of free speech and freedom from intimidation feel the need to intimidate people such as myself for choosing to not be a part y to their attacks on an individual I know believes in our group as an integral part of the conservative movement. It says a lot about them, and their hatred for people such as myself who are tired of being bullied for our identity.

BobbyWC said...

Sorry, but I am not going down that path - but the man you mention is the way he is as a way to deny he himself is gay

BOobby WC