Friday, July 25, 2014


"Sgt. Wayne Rubio with the Office of the Texas Attorney General filed the complaint that"


In the Informations which follow the officer signing off on the complaint is Sgt Wayne Rubio who according to the above source works for the AG, not Saenz.  The Information clearly shows Jonathan White of the AG's office is the prosecuting attorney.  Saenz had nothing to do with this.

His claim that the matters remain sealed until after the arrest is bogus.  In the case of Margarita Ozuna's first arrest Carlos Masso was allowed to appear at her arraignment while walking her into court.  At the end of the arraignment Masso was allowed to driver her to Carrizalles for processing.  It was all very open.

There was none of this hiding the Informations and sealing them until the arrests. and then releasing them days after the arrests.

In the case of Armando Villalobos the indictment was unsealed and he along with his attorneys were allowed to walk over to the federal court house for processing without any formal outside arrest.

So why all the theatrics by Saenz?  It is a distraction to make it look like he is doing something when he is not.

As of yesterday morning the county clerks office was still stating the files were sealed per Saenz.  So his claim that they were unsealed on the day of the arrests is  false.  The documents in the last hour have been released to the press at the Request of Joe Rivera.  They are being sent out by email at no charge.

Saenz's pathetic attempt to explain to the county clerk's office how this is done only made him look more guilty.  In time I will upload all of them.  There are a lot - but here are three so you can see  the investigator is with the AG's office and the prosecutor is with the AG's office and Saenz is not part of this matter.

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