Monday, July 21, 2014


NEWSFLASH - I have been to the court and Saenz is out of the politiquera investigation.  All crimes were charged by the Attorney General.  The Attorney General has requested that the files remain sealed.  Why?  There is information in the Informations which the AG does not want us to see. 
JOP, Precinct 2, Place 2


Yolanda Teran Begum . . . . . . . 4,165 49.11 142 2,307 1,715 1

Erin H. Garcia. . . . . . . . . 4,316 50.89 319 2,392 1,605 0

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If you look to the run-off numbers Erin Garcia won by 151 votes of which 177 were mail ballots.  To believe that she stole the election you would have to believe that of those 177 mail ballots [some I am sure were illegal] there were not at least 27 valid mail ballots.  You would also have to believe that while Erin Garcia could not get 27 valid mail ballots Yolanda Begum received 142 valid mail ballots.  If you are prepared to believe this nonsense I have a bridge to nowhere to sell you.

My question has been, where did those 142 voters who according to Yolanda Begum on their own without the assistance of politiqueras go the following election after Margarita Ozuna was indicted?  Answer - the politiqueras stopped working the mail ballots.

I agree the numbers are not as simple as I present.  Many scenarios can be painted.  That is the problem.  But do you honestly believe Yolanda Begum received 142 mail ballots without any help from the politiqueras?  If you do you are the problem.  But to be clear, this does not justify criminal activity by other people.  My only issue is, I want everyone prosecuted - no sacred cows.

I have two people telling me they met in Alex Begum's office and were offered money to work the ballots.  They say there were more people - but only two have come forward.

To remind my readers there is an FBI agent assigned to the alleged bribe by Alex Begum in the form of $6,000 to Luis Saenz to charge Josefina Canales with obscene language for calling Yolanda Begum a fake.  In all likelihood at this point the FBI has secured his financial files from his various banks.   This will tell them who has and who has not received checks.

But my point here is, Montoya wants you to believe the mail ballots decided the Begum Garcia race - to believe this you must believe Erin Garcia could not have gotten 27 mail ballots without fraud but that Yolanda Begum got 142 mail ballots without fraud.  You are just stupid if you believe this.  Now again, this does not mean there was not fraud.  I believe there was - on both sides.

What is significant here is the AG's office has verified that everyone who voted for Yolanda Begum by mail has been interviewed in the same way everyone who voted by mail for Erin Garcia was interviewed.


The answer is simple - the Informations contain information which the AG does not want public.  I do believe if the Herald were to sue to unseal the Informations they would win.  The cases are in Judge McDonald's and Judge Betancourt's courts.
Bernice Garcia and Facunda Garcia have refused court appointed attorneys
From press reports we know Masso [the BV broke  that story on the day of the arrests] is representing 4 of the 6.  Two are refusing court appointed attorneys.  Their absolute right.  We will wait and see who  shows up to represent them, and then I will follow the money.

What I know for sure is more criminal charges are coming.  I want everyone - no sacred cows - but there is a problem.  Once a crime scene has been compromised the evidence becomes suspect.  CAVA compromised the crime scene.  Every person who voted by mail was interviewed by the AG or feds.  Nothing presented to the FBI or the AG by CAVA was used.  They are smart enough to know you cannot use evidence generated by an interested party.

But Masso is entitled to everything CAVA turned over to the AG and FBI and all he has to do is find a handful of lies and the entire case begins to fall apart.  This would be sad beyond belief.  The good news is Masso lacks the skills to do everything he needs to do to fight for his clients in a manner which could turn the case on its head.  The BV is not going to outline everything a competent attorney should do.

What we know for sure is the AG continues to demand that the cases remain under seal, Facunda and Bernice Garcia have refused court appointed counsel, and everyone, including Saenz is a target. 

Although Saenz won the election, he would have you believe the 147 people who voted by mail for him just disappeared in the next election when there were nearly no mail ballots.  This is not the new HBO series "Left-Overs"  A politiquera worked the ballots for him just like they worked them for nearly everyone else.

Carlos R. Masso . . . . . . . . 7,715 48.89 345 4,182 3,187 1

Luis V. Saenz . . . . . . . . . 8,066 51.11 147 4,346 3,570 3

I intend to only cover known facts and the hearings.  There are currently no hearings set.  The Informations remain under seal because the AG does not want to put people on notice about the next round of charges.  Let the axe fall where it may.  But there better be no sacred cows because then the BV will go after the AG's office for selective prosecution.


I am confident that AG Abbott is not doing this because he cares about the LRGV.  He has known about this his entire time in office and ignored all complaints.  Why now?  The Latino vote is growing.  He is targeting Brownsville in the LRGV and blacks in North Texas to influence political party alliances.

It is very sad that the price we have to pay to insure the guilty politiqueras and candidates go to jail is a more empowered Republican Party.  I hope they nail Gilberto Hinojosa - he more than anyone has does more to destroy the Democratic Party and honest elections.  If the LRGV goes Republican the blame will be on Gilberto Hinojosa and his corrupt ways.  The guilty must be punished - but it is sad it will mean a more empowered Republican Party, which is not in our best interests.


BobbyWC said...

I will not allow for posts which start as rumor has it - especially when you are accusing someone of criminal conduct.

But if the rumor is true they will be charged with criminal conduct.

I fully expect some candidates and some of their family and friends to be on the receiving end of criminal charges. There is no getting around it.

This is why the Informations are sealed. Once someone is charged the BV will just cover the hearings, publish the admissible evidence, and respect the jury verdict.

I will not allow either side to try and use the BV to explain why someone is guilty of innocent. That is for the jury.

The criminal cases need to be played out in court on the admissible evidence and not endless rumors being posted by people with political agendas.

But let the axe fall where it may. I will cry no tears for anyone found guilty.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The axe will fall on you Bobby for spreading false rumors. Trust me when I say you will be on the receiving end pretty soon.

BobbyWC said...

What rumors - my sources at the AG told me everything I attribute to them same for other law enforcement.

You cannot get the charging instruments [Information] that I got from the clerk - she just looked at the case numbers and said no they were seales.

The information on who refused lawyers were in they system. There is no rumors here. Just facts you do not like.

Why would you have a problem with me saying everyone who used politiqueras I a target. Isn't that what we know.

When someone calls me and tells me they were invited to a meeting at Alex Begum's office and then another person tells me they were approached by people who were actually paid money and neither knows the other then I have something I can report.

It will be up to the AG if they interview these people - not me.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I think you need to check you math. It appears that Garcia had 319 mail in votes. So for her to have "stolen" the election, out of those 319 votes, 168 could be legit, leaving 151 illegal (assuming all of Begum's were legit, which is a big assumption). Now, obviously this doesn't prove anything, but it is not nearly as big a leap as having to believe only 27 of the mail votes were legal.

Anonymous said...

The incident with the voter fraud happened during your watch,Judge Calos Cascos and County Commissioner 1 Sofia Benavides [2]Ernie L Hernandez [3]David GARZA [4]DAN Sanchez INCLUDING JOHN WOOD