Monday, July 14, 2014


The allegation was never dismissed.  The allegation was assigned a new number because of a technical problem in how I filed the original complaint.  Below is the pending complaint.

Below is verification the complaint remains under investigation.  The facts are established.  Alex Dominguez is just trying to negotiate a settlement he can live with.  He is playing a delay tactic.

So why did he lie in his ad - because he could.  It is evidence of his low character. Had Elia Lopez had a clue about Cameron Park, she would have understood the importance of using Zeke Silva's attack on Sister Phylis and Leo would be the current county commissioner.  Neither candidate knew anything about Cameron Park - so Leo got what he deserved - nothing.  Cameron Park was nothing more than a step-sister to both candidates hoping for a few votes.

I provided the Herald the documentation that Dominguez lied in his ad, and the Herald claimed it not newsworthy.  There is a shocker - like the good local whore the Herald ran cover for Dominguez once his check cleared for more advertising.  They actually reran the ad after they received documentation of the lie.  The Herald where ethics go to die.

Alex my boy - there is more coming - like the statements by the workers at the adult daycare that they were paid to tell the  seniors how to vote.  Alex my boy - there is even more - be patient

Please note, Saenz will be gone in 2 years or less.  Who will protect you then? - certainly not Carlos Masso who is already making his run well known.  You should have listen to Mary Helen Flores and dumped Zeke - but you chose to ignore her pleas.


Anonymous said...

" Please note, Saenz will be gone in 2 years or less"

What happened to your prediction of Saenz being indicted within six months (it has been more than six months ago)? Is this a new prediction?

Anonymous said...

What about complaint you were going to file on the County Judge's race?

BobbyWC said...

As to Saenz I have explained this a billion times to you - you just want to play games and no on is buying it - it took the DOJ 3 years to indict a guard on rape.

Now again, the DOJ has so much on Saenz the fact they can indict now on some is not enough for them - they are wanting multiple counts - maybe as many a 7-9 - and when they are done they will act. I have no control over them.

The Saenz indictment is going to be like the Villalobos indictment - it will include more lawyers and maybe a judge or two

On the county race the only thing I can remember is my concern with the fraud in the primary and the broken seals on the ballot bags and Chris' Davis refusing to provide the written statements by the workers until ordered to the by AG. That matter has been forwarded to the right people.

I do not believe the DOJ can void the primaries but an indictment will certainly put all of the results in question and possibly include some of the winners. There is clear evidence that many seals were broken and plenty of time existed for someone or several people to remove certain ballots while stuffing the ballots with other names

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I was talking about the Friends of Joe Rivera PAC. You said you would file complaint.

BobbyWC said...

Oh, I forgot - I do have the email from Chris Davis saying never registered. I do need to do that. I am printing your post and putting it in my priority file.

I am buried, but no sacred cows. Because of the way the law reads he could have filed with a different county office so I still need to check those offices.

Thanks for the reminder

Bobby WC