Thursday, July 24, 2014


Note:  I do have a COB story and politiquera update, but that will be after 11.  I first have to go to the city and courthouse, and then the mall real quick.

I never fly Southwest unless the ticket is provided by a 3rd party.  It is typically for a day trip to Dallas and they want me to fly into Dallas proper so I can get to their office of the court house faster.

Without a free ticket you would never, ever - find me on Southwest.  On top of that every time I compare prices with United,  United is cheaper. 

My niece really only has Southwest as her choice.  Every time she boards it is a hassle with her children.  She checks in 24 hours early but the boarding passes will never have them together in line.  So she has to board her and her two children with the last boarding passes, which could mean not getting three  seats together.  She has discussed this all the way to the corporate level and they have been clear - not their problem if a 4 and 6 year old have to sit separate from their mom.


Family ordered off the plane after father tweets ticket agent rude.  Not only is this horrible airline anti-family now they will black mail you into leaving the plane if you say something bad about the service.  I know the president of the company as a former client.  He is not a nice person.  he paid his bill, but as a person he is not nice.

"A Minnesota man who had boarded a Southwest Airlines flight claims he was asked to get off the plane because of a tweet.

Duff Watson and his two children were boarding a flight from Denver to Minneapolis on Sunday. Watson said he has priority boarding because he’s an “A-List” customer.
When he arrived to the gate, the agent wouldn’t allow his two children to board with him.

“I was left very upset, very embarrassed, very humiliated,” said Watson. “In leaving I said, ‘real nice way to treat an A-list, I’ll be sure to tweet about it.’”

Sure enough, Watson tweeted about the ordeal.

“Something to the effect of wow, rudest agent in Denver. Kimberly S, gate C39, not happy, @SWA.” Watson said the agent asked the family to leave the plane.

“She said her safety feels threatened because of what I tweeted,” says Watson.
“I thought something bad was going to happen,” said Watson’s daughter, Lucy. “Like my dad was going to jail.” The kids started crying, according to Watson."



BobbyWC said...

in car joe rivera orderd all documents on politiquetas releAsed. saenz had no authority to seal documents

Anonymous said...

Well now that poor man knows how your readers feel, when they post something, and you screen the post, in turn violating our free speech rights! The BV is ANTI FREE SPEECH AS WELL! Just as bad as southwest, Bobby!

BobbyWC said...

Nice try but no cigar - I am responsible for what gets through - comments against people by name I rarely allow for people to name names - also you know nothing about freedom of speech - it does not apply between private citizens and in fact I have a right to no listen to what people have to say

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You are right! The Airlines treat their customers like they are worthless. If you question why they are being rude to you they blacklist your name. Airlines treat their customer like dirt! Why, because they do not care if you come back or not. They figure people have to fly to their destination and they will come back regardless of the treatment. For that reason I prefer to drive. Airline employees are the rudest people one the planet!!!!