Friday, July 18, 2014

The information is slow, but a federal source who has actually read the Informations against the defendants told me Saenz's office was in fact not involved.  The joint federal/state task force put the duty of preparing and filing the Informations on the AG for Texas.  [An Information is like an indictment, but is the term used when the charge is a misdemeanor.]
I am also being told the investigation was based on a canvass of the individuals who had voted with mail-in ballots.  The information CAVA claims to have provided everyone was not considered.  All evidence was based on an interview of everyone who voted by mail.  The 191 [I believe was the number] people who voted for Yolanda Begum were also canvassed.  Everyone who voted by mail was interviewed by either federal or state investigators.  This also means everyone who voted by mail for Saenz was also canvassed.
Information verifying workers were paid to push seniors at the adult daycare centers to vote a certain way has been put into the proper hands.  I was specifically told everyone is a target who either used a politiquera or paid workers at adult daycare centers to influence seniors to vote a certain way.  Failing to report the campaign expenditures or donations will be all it takes to bring criminal charges against the candidates.
Remember the other day when I told someone to be patient because there is more coming around the corner.  Well we now have more - and there is even more coming. 
No candidate was singled out.  The goal was to interview everyone who voted by mail and to allow the axe to fall where it may.
One source was very clear that they have arrested politiqueras who worked Saenz's campaign.  They would not say which other campaigns were worked by the politiqueras.  What was clear was because Saenz himself is a potential target he was not involved.  But I warn my readers again, the mere hiring of a politiquera is not a crime. 
The original claim his office was involved came from two candidates who clearly are targets.  They are both nervous and got on the defense of the politiqueras immediately.  They made a false assumption over there disdain for Saenz.
I am waiting on a return phone call from someone who can give me a lot more information.  I learned of this source who will speak with me late last night - so now I must wait. 


Michael Cowen said...


1. I hope that you are correct that the investigators independently interviewed everyone who voted by mail. While I think that CAVA did good work, any criminal investigation should be free from any allegations of partisan bias.

2. While the AG and Feds may not have "relied" on CAVA's work in choosing to charge people with crimes, I do not believe that the investigation ever would have started without the great work that Laura Miniel and Mary Helen Flores did in interviewing so many people and identifying the bad behavior. There have been politiqueras doing the same thing for years, but law enforcement did not act until people like Laura, Mary Helen, and Ruben Pena took their own initiative to gather evidence.

BobbyWC said...

You are dead wrong. I do not think you are doing it on purpose.

I know for a fact that some of their work was fraudulent. But it is like the politiqueras - you cannot control everything people helping are doing.

Second, your claim law enforcement did not care until they got involved is simply wrong. I am assuming you are just misinformed.

Ruben Pena and I took the first case to the AG. Margarita ozuna - the people you name did not even exist and they continue to back Montoya who attacked us daily for going to the AG and making the claims against Margarita Ozuna.

Mary Helen remained silent over the broken seals on the ballots. She was there when they were brought in and said nothing.

The AG had to force Chris Davis to release the information verifying the broken seals on the ballot bags. Mary Helen remained silent because she does not care about voter fraud. She cares about using her organization as a front to get her people elected. This is not lost on the AG.

The ballot bag issue is under investigation. Where is Mary Helen - remaining silent.

The Texas AG's office never stopped investigating. They were on the case before CAVA sent them anything.

They are not stupid - they know even the most incompetent defense attorney could destroy their case if it is shown they even looked at CAVA's work.

I am the only person to ever defend a politiquera and win. I won because I was up against an organization like CAVA. The DA refused to call any witnesses because he knew we had the evidence that voters were told that if they did not sign the affidavits they would be prosecuted.

This case can still fall apart on this. As the defense attorneys begin to speak with the involved voters all it will take is one voter to say they were intimidated by CAVA and the AG is in trouble.

The AG unlike the idiots who buy Mary Helen's con job knows she can actually bring this entire thing down and I am certain as the day is long they will not be involved with her or her organization. Which is why they did everything on their own.

They need clean witnesses. They also needed to be able to say they interviewed everyone, which includes the 191 who voted for Begum and all of a sudden disappeared the next election after Ruben Pena and I successfully got Margarita Ozuna charged and prosecuted. Not CAVA as you claim. They did not even exist.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

It's "their" not "there". Little pet peeve.

Anonymous said...

If Saenz represented the state against the politiqueras and more indictments are coming as he stated, you need to question you're sources credibility. Montoya's posting today shows quite the opposit to your article.

Anonymous said...

How is the hiring of these ladies not illegal? Everyone knows what they are hiring them for.

Anonymous said...

How is hiring these ladies not a crime when it is very apparent what their job description is? They are hired to harvest votes.

BobbyWC said...

Do you have a written job description given to the by the candidates because the AG would love to see that.

It is legal for people to help certain people with their ballots. It is legal to pay people to go door to door to push you as a candidate. Now taking someone's ballot or not following the rules in terms of helping is illegal.

But unless there is an email - text - recording something which shows the candidate expected the politiquera to do anything more than push people to vote for them then it is not illegal.

How is paying a politiquera to go door to door to encourage someone to vote for you any different than the block walking - it is the same.

Now I agree the candidates know some of these politiqueras are going to cross the line and break the law.

But the fact you and I know that is not enough to charge the candidate.

What I am hoping for is a politiquera who can prove they were paid and the candidate never reported it.

Now that can get the candidate charged on several levels which would include maybe being coconspirator with the poltiquera on her illegal conduct. Otherwise why hide the payment?

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Do you think newly elected officials will be indicted with all the Politiquera indictments? If the politiqueras spill the beans...which is very likely, will this mean the indictment of elected officials that used them?

BobbyWC said...

My thing is no sacred cows. I have been pondering all day tomorrow's post. It answers your question - but with a doubt.

I think Masso and Gomez are already tagged. If Gomez has a half of brain he will go to the feds and give up what he knows.

What he knows will take down CAVA along with the politiqueras.

Remember guys the first who seeks immunity gets it. Just ask Oscar de la Fuente.

CAVA was a front. The AG is concerned CAVA is going to bring down the entire case.

It is complex.

I really am leaning towards doing a post which says my peace on the matter.

But mind you on this - on what planet other than in the delusions of Mary Helen Flores does anyone believe the FBI and AG are going to prosecute based on the claims of an interested party?

The AG will be running from CAVA if Masso does his job. I know more than I care to know and I am sickened.

Think about it, would you allow a suspect in a crime to process a crime scene? - CAVA believes it is possible.

On my word I have been told by insiders CAVA is a problem and that is why a complete and total independent investigation which included the 191 mails ballots received by Yolanda Begum was done.

I want maximum prosecution - but I am in conundrum. No sacred cows - but here is a hint on tomorrows post.

If the motivation behind all of the prosecutions which are already in place and those to be filed is to hurt the LRGV, then what should we do?

Justice is more complex than punishing a wrongdoing - Do you stone a mother to death in the interest of justice to leave her innocent children in the street to die?

But I know for sure - Masso and Gomez are tagged. Gomez is nuts if he does not go to the feds with the entire story. He can still get immunity.

Nothing will save Masso,

Greg Abbott wants this for Greg Abbott and not the people of the LRGV - be careful what you ask for - you may not like what you get.

The politiquera virus is dead. So do we now throw ourselves under the bus to make ourselves feel better?

God it is a very, very complex situation and I just assume not be involved - period

Bobby WC