Wednesday, July 9, 2014


For years now I have discussed the issue of antibiotics coming into Brownsville from Matamoros without a doctor's prescription.  Endless emails to the city commissioners went no where.. They simply could not understand the issue of the super-bugs being caused by the over and improper use of antibiotics.  Finally, realizing the epidemic of super-bugs Mexico passed a law barring the selling of antibiotics without a doctor's prescription.  Unfortunately many pharmacies in Matamoros are all too willing to sell to Americans antibiotics without a prescription.

This is a danger Rose Gowen as an MD should be able to understand - but she does not.  She can use her position to educate the people of Brownsville on the dangers of the improper use of antibiotics.  The city commission can also pass a law banning the importation of antibiotics from Mexico without a prescription - but Rose Gowen's only sense of medicine is bike trails and banning hotdogs.


Many sources put the current spread of HIV, Hep C and HPV at epidemic levels.  I know two men who have throat cancer caused by contracting the HPV virus while performing oral sex on their girl friends.  Cancer kills.  In fact in today's world it is easier to manage HIV infection than HPV infection and the cancers it causes.

As a doctor and city commission Rose Gowen should be leading the education battle on the epidemic of STDS.  But she is not because her motto is better for the people to die from STD's then to educate them.  Her puritanical mentality and insecurity about talking sex is actually killing people.

What is the point of having an MD elected to the city commission if she is unwilling to use her position to educate the people on these important health issues.


Anonymous said...

"As a doctor and city commission Rose Gowen should be leading the education battle on the epidemic of STDS"

You are a complete moron. Why is it her place to look out for diseases people get? People should be responsible for their own actions. That is what is wrong in today's society, people expect government to do everything for them. Stop coming after Rose Gowen with your petty battles, the community is fed up with your tirades.

BobbyWC said...

You are obviously one of Rose Gowen's moronic lemmings. You are beyond stupid in you capacity to reason. Yes my readers believe you interviewed Brownsville's 200,000 people to determine they are fed up with me - idiot.

I have lived all over the country and elected officials who are doctors routinely use their position to educate the community on such issues.

Your moronic tirade in defense of Rosie is obvious in your own typed ignorance - you are tired of the government telling us what to do

But you are okay with Rosie telling us to ride our bicycles and to not eat hot dogs. Do you realize how stupid you sound.

You post basically says you are against the government educating the people on important issues. So lets have it - time to close the schools and demand parents educated their own children.

It is time we take warning labels off of everything and force people to go out and learn it on their own.

No wonder you support Rosie - you are level of ignorance and own double standard as written in your own words are almost beyond surreal.

She is a doctor - it is time she starts acting like one instead of telling me not eat hot dogs and go ride a bike.

I am not saying she should tell people not to have sex. I am saying a workshop educating the community on these epidemics is needed. It is then for each individual to do with the information as the please.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby, I like your idea of having health workshops---however---most people will only attend if free hotdogs are offered. So now you see why the good doctor will not be opting for your great suggestion.


BobbyWC said...

LMAO because it is so so true

And I do want to emphasis I do not want her telling anyone what to do in terms of their sexual habits - it never works - just educate and let the people make the connection and act accordingly if they so choose

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

It is indeed a disappointment that Dr Gowen hasn't led on these issues, but at the end of the day, regardless of who sits on the Commission, we have a Public Health Department tasked with monitoring growing health threats and educating the public. They deserve part of the blame.