Thursday, July 10, 2014


The moment of truth is here - has Elon Musk been playing us to get a better deal out of Florida, or has be been serious about Brownsville?

If we get Space X, a 12,000 runway is about 5 years away, if we are to believe airport sources.  It is only because of the runway I am now willing to back Space X.  If the runway becomes a reality, Brownsville will be the center in the LRGV for Cargo - this means jobs - jobs which have nothing to do with Space X.

I hate corporatism more than anyone, but until a federal law is passed banning corporations accepting money from communities as part of the bidding process the corporate welfare will continue.  So our choice is to play along, within reason, or be left behind.  It is the jobs which the runway will generate at the airport which in my opinion makes our investment in Space X worth the money.  You cannot grow without investment. 

My source at the airport is telling me Texas is looking at expanding Boca Chica to 4 lanes.  For those of you who do not know, Boca Chica Blvd is a state road.  The idea is not entirely without merit.  The problem is, for it to work they would have to change the IH69/77 exit to a three turn lanes, otherwise that back up will get even worse.  Also the section from IH69/77 to Four Corners may not be the best place to make the investment.

Everyone knows I want a new airport on 511.  I do not believe the claim it is in the billions to build the airport.  I know an airport is more than a runway and terminal - but we are being given most of the money for the 12,000 runway, and the money for the terminal is already available. 

But it is about the airport being an economic engine and development.

An alternative to 511 is turning International from IH69/77 to Four Corners into a true highway.  Instead of spending the money to turn Boca Chica into 4 lanes from IH69/77 to Four Corners.  A few overpasses will make the traffic flow faster on International to Four Corners.

You then do the four lanes from Four Corners to the airport.  This solves many issues - it moves the trucking from Mexico faster to the port, it moves the traffic to the airport faster, and it will encourage development east of Four Corners.  People would be surprised how much development there already is east of Four Corners.  It is happening, but with an improved traffic flow into the area, the development will come even faster.

You cannot move forward without compromise, and you will never learn to compromise until you are willing to think outside the box.

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