Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Any leader who formulates policy based on public opinion polling is sure to fail.  President Obama's mishandling of the crisis related to the Central American refugees I believe will be his lasting legacy.  Andrew Jackson will always be remembered for his death march of the Cherokee Nation.  Obama will be remembered for his death march of the Central American refugees to the killing fields of their respective countries.

I guess for his news Obama reads the Herald - which means he has no idea what is happening.  Article after article in major newspapers and online news magazines tell the same story.  The current crisis is the result of failed governments in in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. 

I have read endless stories of successful business owners saying they had no choice but to leave their countries.  It is not about a lack of work, it is about a lack of organized government.  Their tales are about endless corruption and protection money.  If they do not pay either gangs or rogue government officials have them killed, their children kidnapped and killed after they refuse or cannot pay, or simply have their business destroyed.  The more they earn the more they pay.

The current influx of Central Americans is the result of endless human rights abuses in their respective countries.  To send them back is essentially to send them on a death march.  There is nothing left for them in their home countries.  Organized government has devolved into gangs and rogue government officials stealing from the people and killing them when they cannot pay.

As the horrors continue to come out, Obama will be remembered for the killing fields of Central America and how he made it happen.

The Republicans can own this issue with documented facts and thereby secure the Latino vote or at least a larger chunk of it, but they are too racist to see the human tragedy in this story.

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Anonymous said...

The United States of America no longer has the ability to be the the Police Force of the entire world, ie. Afghanistan; nor the Nanny of the entire World, ie. Central America. It is time for tough love and the Central American Countries, as well as most of Africa need to sort out their own problems. We cannot borrow money to prop up failed governments any longer. Those days are gone or need to be gone. The good ole USA has it's own problems to deal with. The Immensely wealthy country of Mexico needs to step up to the plate and help out it's neighbors to the south.