Saturday, July 12, 2014


What you are looking at is my congenital cataract [ meaning I was born it with it] and not my old age cataract.  Both are now gone from my left eye.

My corrected vision is going from 20/60 or 20/50 - depending on which specialist you believe - to 20/25.  I now rarely wear my glasses.  The left lens has been removed because it was messing up my vision.  Before the surgery I could not see the close captioning on my TV while in bed with our without my glasses.  Now without my glasses it is as clear as a bell.

The VA does not do the Crystal lens which can give you 20/20 without glasses.  That is considered cosmetic surgery so they do not do it.  But it does not matter.  The people paying for the Crystal lens will still continue to lose their vision from old age - so within a year or two after  the very expensive surgery they could be wearing glasses again.

My new corrected vision will be 20/25 in both eyes.  It was well worth the surgery-  There was no pain.

The only issue is no swimming under water for 30 days.  I do wade, but do not go under.  I am hating it. 

On Wednesday I had my two week follow-up and everything looks very good.  The lens has attached without problem and there is no evidence of any complications.

Thank you to Dr. Vijayalakshmi Vadrevu and all of her wonderful support staff.

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Anonymous said...

My mother got one of those fancy lens implants, she was not impressed. When she had the lens replacement of her other eye with the generic lens implant, she said she can see better with that one.