Thursday, July 17, 2014

As a counter move to the rate increase needed for the new electric generating plant, I changed my air conditioning from 74 to 79.  We are doing fine.  We are use to it.  But the end result was, my bill over the same time from last year went from $430 to $365.  I saved $65 by being proactive. 
In the long run with stable natural gas rates, Tenaska will save Brownsville residents money.  We will no longer be held hostage to the endless quagmire which is the Middle East.  People there are  things we can do to save money.  It is time to stop whining and to start acting proactively. 


Anonymous said...

Yea but what happened to the supposed coal plant that rate payers bought into with higher rates ,5,6 years ago? Where's the benefits to that purchase ?now more higher rates great guess we all can sweat it out at 79 or 80 degrees awsome

BobbyWC said...

my house is very comfortable at 79

Bobby WC