Friday, July 11, 2014


If you think Montoya's defense of Rose Gowen against my accusations was by chance it was not.  I know how Montoya works.  The bloggers are on board Gowen must go, so Montoya posts a comment "hey look Rosie I will protect you against mean old Wightman."  A pitch for money.

How I know Montoya's post against Erin Garcia is all lies is I by chance ran into Judge Linda Salazar two days ago.  JP's are part time judges, so it means nothing to me if they are not in the court during the day.  Part time judges are not required to be at the court house 8 hours a day.  You will note that Montoya will never print Ben Neece is almost never at his court.  Why?  He is a part time judge - no big deal.

But Linda Salazar told me the courthouse was dead this week and they were just sitting around, with the exception of a few evictions.  The judge does not have to be there to for the staff to process tickets.  But I am being told on Monday I will be provided a summary of the cases JP Erin Garcia presided over which will then be documented proof Montoya just lied.

As to Erin Garcia running for city commission another bunch of crap.  Over a month ago I was informed about a group committing $25,000, to anyone willing to run against Estela Chavez.  I know of several people who have told this group they are not interested.  Anyone who knows Erin Garcia knows her heart is getting back on the bench and she would never even consider running for city commission.

Now is it possible she was asked? - yes.  But I am certain she said no. 

As soon as I get the summary of cases which JP Erin Garcia presided over this past week I will post them.  It will be the documented proof Montoya is a liar and he never spoke to JP Linda Salazar.  JP Linda Salazar would not give Montoya the time of day.  Because she lives near me we run into each other a lot at a certain restaurant, and a certain grocery store.


Anonymous said...

Linda will have nothing to do with pathetic liar. She despises you and everything younstand for.....YOU are the liar!

BobbyWC said...

Your simply wrong and cannot stand the fact she and I get along. We have met in groceries stores and restaurants. I always call her judge out of respect and she always tells me to just call her Linda - I refuse - it is not how I was trained. I always call her judge.

Get over yourself - most elected officials in this town speak with me and are very cordial and a regular basis. They understand my work and the honest ones know they will get a fair shake.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

This is the word according to Ernie. Praise be to Ernie.

BobbyWC said...

Non On Monday if what the court staff told me is true I will post the docket sheets showing all of the cases Erin Garcia handled last week.

The evidence will be in the document not he said she said.

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

you are so full of it that it blows the mind. Document this,mdocument that....what happened to the Papers you were waiting on from election administrator? Where are the countless other bombs that you said were going to drop. No one believes your compromised ass!

BobbyWC said...

I published the signed documents from the elections office verifying the broken seals on the ballot bags. I posted the documents from Diane Dillard. In fact yesterday the check for $35 went out to the COB for the latest documents the AG ordered released.

Do you realize my readers think are just plain stupid if you think they will imagine what they already have read.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Nice attempt to make people think linda hates you, we all know she has hired you as her new gun! You would never part that unless you really wanted to protect linda, from people thinking she hates you, but only to keep her fat ass clear! Linda is an idiot who never found an elected position she didn't like! She is next to be gunned down by the courts off cameron county! And you just said she is lazy and never world full time! Loser!

BobbyWC said...

Where in hell did I say Linda hates me - I countered that post with facts.
I report facts.

I defy you to post and copy where I said this.

"And you just said she is lazy and never world full time! Loser!"

Your obsessive need to lie is incredible.

I said the position is part time and none of the judges are there all of the time. I also noted Ben Neece is part time which is why I see no need for him to be in court all of the time.

There is no evidence there is a back -up in the JP courts. typical cases take 45*60 days and that is only because of the process of getting people served and allowing them to answer the lawsuit.

Everyone who is following the JP issue knows Alex Begum is going to run his fake mommy dearest mommy Yolanda against Linda. Alex is also looking for someone to run against Sofie Benavides over her decision to cut and run on Yolanda to back Gracia.

Alex is in for the lesson of his life. Sofie is ready and waiting and so too is Linda.

Alex will outbid Sofie for the trash articles by Montoya and it will cost Alex a lot of money and what little is left of his reputation.

Bobby WC