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Funny how whenever Saenz wants his lies and propaganda to be put out he knows my email - but otherwise I am banned from press conferences for fear I might ask the wrong question.  He should have left this one alone.  Melissa Zamora's email is so convoluted he only dug his hole deeper.  He basically claims after some 30+ years as the county clerk Joe Rivera does not know misdemeanors are not sealed.

"Good afternoon, Ms. Sanchez.
District Attorney Saenz asked that I follow up with you on the Herald’s records request today pertaining to the individuals arrested last week for various voter violations.
We have clarified with Herald reporter Ty Johnson that neither the DA’s Office nor D.A. Saenz requested that these files remain sealed.
The law states that once an unarrested individual is arrested, sealed documents may be unsealed and released. Therefore, once the individuals were arrested last week, the documents were subject to release.
[my note if Melissa is saying Saenz never ordered anything sealed then what then what is she  talking about "sealed documents may be unsealed."  who ordered them sealed?]
Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Thank you,
Melissa Zamora"
If you are to believe Saenz pathetic cover put out my Melissa Joe Rivera's criminal clerk staff needed to be reminded that once someone is arrested their Information is pubic record.
Today, Frank in Joe Rivera's office was very, very clear - the Informations would not be released until authorized by Saenz.  The other day when I went for the Order to Seal the clerk told me Saenz's office ordered the files sealed.
Only a complete idiot would now believe that Saenz staff all of a sudden does not know to release files after the arrest.  No one believes it, and Saenz only dug his hole deeper.
UPDATE As a professional courtesy I shared this story with the local press.  As a result Joe Rivera's office is working on getting out all of the Informations via email to the press.  The second I get them I will post them.  I was told in no uncertain terms, control over these cases is with Attorney General Greg Abbott until such time as Joe Rivera's office is told otherwise by the AG's office.

From Montoya "However, the indictments against the six women have been sealed and specifics were unavailable for inspection by the media."

Today Joe  Rivera after I spoke with him had his manager Sandra Sanchez call me to inform me all information related to the 6 arrested politiqueras would be released to the public.  I was specifically told Saenz had no authority to tell the County Clerks office the "Informations" not indictments were sealed or block their release.  I was specifically told no judge has ordered anything sealed.  I was specifically told that the case is under the jurisdiction of AG Abbott and Saenz has no say in the matter.

There is a lot to upload.  It may take a couple of hours.

The other day when I went for a copy of the order to seal the clerk specifically told me Saenz's had ordered the file sealed.  Joe Rivera's staff was very clear - having found no order to seal they stated Saenz was without any legal authority to order anything sealed.

Who is Saenz trying to protect?


BobbyWC said...

Does does not seem to know the difference between a sealed document, and an unofficial record. Once the record became official and the capias issues - both of which happened on the 17th if my recollection is correct, then the documents became public.

Why all of a sudden in Rivera's staff confused about this?

They were not confused - someone lead them to believe they had to keep the documents sealed. You cannot seal a non existed document.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Strange bed fellows. Wasn't Montoya trashing Saenz horribly while he backed Masso?

BobbyWC said...

Montoya is a size queen when it comes to checks - Ernie could not write checks to compete with Begum so he went from defending Ernie's use of politiqueras to trashing Ernie once Begums checks got bigger. Saenz's check got bigger so he switched sided.

As soon as Luci and Cata who will be running against Elizondo he will take the other money and start to trash Elizondo and Elizonda will deserve it.

Montoya trashes Minerva Pena at every turn but is silent about her endorsement of Elizondo - why? Because Elizondo is paying - for now - Luci and Cata will find someone with a bigger check

bobby WC
Bobby WC