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It should tell everyone in the community everything they need to know about people like Carlos Elizondo and Oscar Garcia. It has been documented for them over and over again Montoya lies about public officials and in particular judges for pay. They know this, but yet they continue to fund his lies. If anyone believe Carlos Elizondo or Oscar Garcia care about Brownsville or Cameron county they are sadly mistaken. People of good character do not finance a pathological liar. It is really that simple.

From Montoya last week

""It's been  a while since we've seen her," said a clerk in one of the second-floor offices. "We don't know if she's on vacation or whether she's sick."

He is referring to Judge Erin Garcia.

Here are two samples of Judge Garcia's docket sheets from July 8 and July 1.  I will then post this weeks docket.  JP's are part time judges.  Judge Erin Garcia has a private law practice just like the municipal judge Ben Neece.  You do not hear Montoya complaining about Ben Neece working his docket around his private law practice.  But then Ben Neece is a sacred cow.  And for the record I have no problem with Ben Neece not being in court all of the time.  He is a part time judge.

Further, JP's at 2 in the morning when they are woken up to declare someone dead, there is no extra pay.  Their job is not designed to be 8-5.  They are on 24/7 call, which is why their court time is only part time.  It is how the system is designed.

There are not enough cases to keep 2 JP's busy, which only goes to prove why the new JP position is a complete and total waste of taxpayer money.  Contrary to Montoya's delusions, the JP's cannot just create cases so they have something to do.

More dockets and the documentation on the true fees for weddings.

I have plenty more docket sheets, but the point has been made.  When Montoya claims Judge Garcia was not in court, she in fact was.  Further I interviewed both Judge Garcia's and Judge Salazar's staff and to the extent he attributes anything to any of them he is a liar.  Both courts process most cases in 45 days.

Discovery is optional in JP court.  This week Judge Garcia has a lot of Capital One cases.  Trust me if I were helping someone being sued by Capital One we would spend 6 months in discovery.  I helped a friend's brother several years ago and we proved the bank suing him had the wrong person.  Many banks simply look for people with similar names and just sues them and hopes for the best.


The following picture is the business card Judge Garcia's staff gives to anyone who asks about the costs.  You will note the starting fee is $150, not $250.  Also, why should any judge spend part of their weekend on SPI marrying someone  for free?  It takes from their families.  An SPI wedding with transportation and ceremony time is about 2 1/2 hours.  It is normally on a Sunday when the judges want family time.  According to Montoya they should not be paid for this.

Now, like I said, the legislature should step in and regulate the fees.

I am also including a graphic of Judge Garcia's weddings from June and July.  You will note the average fee is $150 or less or even free.  Montoya's claims are simply false.  I checked with Judge Salazar's staff and the fees are the same.  Nothing like Montoya claims

And for the record, the county and district court judges also charge for weddings.  In Houston some district court judges charges a 72 hour wavier fee.  In Harris county the District Clerk does not charge a 72 hour waiver fee.  Unlike in Cameron county - every major county does not charge the 72 hour waiver fee because it is illegal.

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