Friday, July 11, 2014


The BV reported months ago the JP courts would be moved from the courthouse to another location so that the county can expand the front of the courthouse for two more full size courts.  In my view this is good planning and makes a lot of sense.  Although I continue to maintain the two new courts the legislature forced on Cameron county were and remain an unnecessary financial drain on the taxpayers.

The same can be said for the new JP court.  The rouse that the new court was being created by Ernie Hernandez for his daughter was always a distraction from the fact it was deal cutting by Sofie Benavides to create a new court for her daughter.  We did not need the court and still do not need the court.  As it is we have two very part time JP's serving Brownsville - why do we need a third?  Politics

Having said all of the above, the problem appears to be that the county is going to force the three JP's to use one courtroom.  This is the county commissioners once again underfunding a county office under the guise of fiscal responsibility.  Fiscal responsibility is not cutting taxed and budgets - it is using the money you have wisely and making sure the needs of the community are met without waste.

Jury trials are not done every day in Cameron county.  Monday is the day for bringing in prospective jurors.  I myself was involved in a case wherein the judge had to cancel the trial because as it was pointed out to him you cannot start a jury trial on Friday when there is no jury pool available to pull from.

One courtroom for three JP's will mean a delay in jury trials for some of the parties.  This is wrong.  Only Cameron  county commissioners could create a new JP position under the guise it is needed to move justice and then slow justice by failing to provide a courtroom for the JP to hold court.

I agree the JP's need to be moved to make room for two new full size courtrooms - but the county better find the money to provide the three JP's with at least two courtrooms.   It is absolutely fiscally irresponsible to force the taxpayers to pay for a third needless JP, and then tell those taxpayers that their cases will be delayed because three instead of two JP's are competing for one courtroom for jury trials. 


Anonymous said...

Two JP's share one courtroom right now...they split days when each one uses it.....there is no need for more courtrooms....just designate a day for the new JP also. They do not have court everyday.

BobbyWC said...

In general you are correct. Which begs the question, why did we need a third JP to begin with.

What you are not addressing is, now instead of 2 JP's alternating use of the courtroom for jury trials we will have 3. This will mean once every three weeks a JOP will have access to the courtroom for jury trials instead of every other week.

This will delay people getting their cases to jury trials. Bench trials are different. They can be done any day of the week.

But in part you only proved my point - we did not need the 3rd JP - it is a complete and total waste of money

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You are correct, there is no need for a third JP, but now that we have another and the work load of the other two will be less....will this mean they will be giving up part of their pay? I think not. Ridiculous and a bad decision on the part of all the commissioners...especially Benavidez, she voted for the new position just fore her daughter.

BobbyWC said...

yes, and if Benavides draws a serious opponent in just under 2 years, the numbers will be there that she voted to use our tax dollars to give her daughter a job.

By the way, she needs to recuse herself from voting on any matters related to the courts.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Are you saying Mary Ester did not a serious opponent during her recent race? Seriously??????????/

BobbyWC said...

Where did I even remote suggest that. Sofie knew her machine would back her daughter - she also cut a deal to make sure the Avila settlement occurred during the election.

Politics is dirty - Sofie knew what she had to do to insure her daughter won.

The sad part is on paper she was as qualified as anyone else, and in some cases a lot more qualified.

The JP courts are basically empty right now because there is nothing to do. Given this reality who do you justify a 3rd JP?

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Well Let's Not Blame Mary Esther for her mother's dirty dealings!!!!!!

BobbyWC said...

inasmuch as Mary Ester has still not been elected Commisioners Court can pull the funding and save the taxpayers the money needed for the new court staff, Mary ester's pffice, salary, and possible 2nd courtroom

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Your comment is rejected for language and distraction. You seem to know nothing about politics - deals are cut - several commissioners including Ernie Hernandez got behind the new JP court because that is how deals are cut locally and in Washington. - Learn something about politics and how it works.

As to Erin running against Mary Ester - on what planet are you? It was Mary Ester along with her ex Louis Sorola who were on the 24/7 attack against Erin Garcia.

The best thing Mary Ester did was send Louis Sorola to start dating five finger nelly and align with Jonathan Gracia. There was never any issue about her qualifications - it was how she was playing the game with Louis Sorola.

The BV barely covered the Mary Ester election - a hand full of posts. The BV concentrated on the fake princess Yolanda Begum and the last time I checked contrary to Montoya's lies - Yolanda took a bashing - she got fewer votes than Pete Avila who cost the taxpayers $150,000 before the election.

Alex Begum learned that when you take lies and deception to an extreme no amount of money paid to Montoya through legal ads is going to get his mother elected.

Montoya should be thanking me and offering to take me to dinner for the money he made off of Alex Begum.

Further, I defy you to copy and print where I came out in favor of the 3rd JP court. If I did I will concede the point. I have been very consisted about too many courts in Cameron county.,

Our JP's are very part time because as it is there is not enough cases to keep 2 JP's busy. Further, The district courts are a joke - nearly no judge can be found on Friday.

The county pays for a visiting judge to handle juvenile court because our elected district court judges refuse to do their job and rotate out sitting in juvenile court.

The district court judges waste more of our taxpayer money than any other county entity.

We need to get rid of at least one of the two new courts.

Also Commissioners court needs to reverse itself on the new JP court - we do not need it. Mary Ester has not yet been elected so she is not a judge. The formal election is not until November.

There is time for the fake fiscal responsible County Judge Carlos Cascos to get the ball running on eliminating the third JP court. It is a complete and total waste of taxpayer money.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Never said you were in favor of it, but when Ernie was pushing for didn't have a problem with it! And now you seem to be saying that the justices in court do not do anything! Your words not mine! So why not get rid of those who are in position and have yet to prove themselves over there tenure, and give the new ones a chance to prove themselves! Oh and by the way, you still have the fact that The record shows that Ernie pushed for the new JP position! And all your candidates lost! Loser!

BobbyWC said...

First of all I never said this and you cannot copy and paste from anywhere where I said it.

"justices in court do not do anything! Your words not mine"

Second, I never agreed to the new JP position, I have always said we have too many courts.

Third, I had no candidates - but the last I heard Yolanda Begum got her ass kicked. During the race I was not backing Jonathan Gracia beyond holding to my position that all JP's should be lawyers. But funny during the race you were accusing me of backing Gracia and now you claim he lost. Are you an idiot?

As to Leo Lopez my opening post on him was "he will bring the graveyard vote to the election - hardly an endorsement.

But Leo would have won had he cared about Cameron Park - neither he nor Alex Dominguez gave a crap about Cameron Park.

Had I been advising his campaign which I was not he would have done a mailer with Zeke Silva's attack on Sister Phylis. My sources told me there was nothing anyone could do to get Elia who was running the campaign to understand the significant of the Sister Phylis issue.

I stayed out of the Mary Ester Pet Avila race.

I endorsed no candidates - well in an unrelated election I endorsed Ed Rivera and he won.

You are very confused Zeke - you seem to think that when someone tells a negative truth about someone it means they are endorsing the other side.

No Zeke it means they are reporting.

You can play your endless obsession with the Hernandez family but my readers who do not live their lives in obsessive hate and ignorance know Ruben Pena and I stood against Ernie Hernandez and the politiqueras while your drinking buddy attacked us daily defending the system.

Reporting facts which you do not like because they do not fit your delusions, does not mean I am supporting one side or the other.

But for the record, Yolanda Begum took the biggest beating of anyone in the runoffs.

Bobby WC