Friday, July 11, 2014


I am the first to agree it is absurd to think Southwest will ever leave Harlingen.  Brownsville needs its own competing low cost carrier.  Jet Blue has been approached in the past.  A big issue always facing Brownsville is, a lack of terminal and gate space.

If Brownsville is serious about its new terminal it needs to break ground yesterday.  Jet Blue is expanding.  Jet Blue providing discount flights to Austin and beyond would be a new service for Brownsville.  For now no one really has any reason to use Brownsville's airport to go to Austin when you can fly nonstop from Harlingen.  Between a flight or two to Austin and maybe even Houston, Brownsville's airport will expand. 

We need to be ready to act now.  While I remain jaded and believe Elon Musk's comments about Brownsville getting Space X were nothing more than a threat to Florida to put a better deal on the table, if we do get Space X, Jet Blue will be all the more interested in the Brownsville market.

The time is now to put together an incentive package for Jet Blue and to break ground on the new terminal.  We cannot wait 2-3 years for the city commission to get its act together on the terminal.  The design must be completed now and not even 6 months from now.


Anonymous said...

Jet Blue flies three aircraft, Airbus 320/321 and Embraer 190. The latter, the smallest, seats 100 people. BRO in no way can fill that size of plane even if the tickets were free. Do a little research....

BobbyWC said...

I did the research and you fail to understand the concept of discount. I drive to Houston because even with a 60 day advance purchase the cost of the ticket is way too much.

I am aware of the planes Jet Blue flies. the entire point of a discount airline is people will fly it if the price is right.

Now you might do a little research.

And for the record, when I price SW for NY, United is always cheaper

bobby WC