Wednesday, July 16, 2014


The BV has documented the legislative history concerning the partnership between UTB and TSC.  The documented history is clear.  It was Rene Oliviera who cut the deal wherein UT only had to pay rent if the legislature authorized it. 

Jerry loves to use his misogynistic diatribes against Juliet Garcia [she has no defense for what she did to our community - that is not disputed.]  But what the graphic below proves is, if you pay Jerry you will buy his silence as to your role in the outright theft of millions of dollars from the people of Brownsville.

From an old BV post

"The second issue is the UTB/TSC debacle.  What we learned during this bloody divorce is , when the partnership was formed Rene Oliviera had put into the agreement that TSC would only be paid rent if the legislature funded the rent payments.  Year after year Rene Oliviera sat back and allowed one of the wealthiest university system in the world to rape some of the poorest people in the country."

So why is it Rene Oliviera who cut the deal which resulted in the theft of millions of dollars by UT from the people of Brownsville gets a pass from Jerry - money - it is that simple.  Money drives too many blogs.  Jerry learned this as a former reporter for the Herald and like Montoya he learned he can use lies and deception to force people to pay him money for advertising.  There is no difference between the Herald, Jerry and Montoya - they all use the same scam - buy ads and you are protected.

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