Monday, July 7, 2014


EDITOR'S NOTE:  If the Tea Party people are who they truly say they are, they would join the Democrats in reforming Medicare Part D, as I outline below.

Independent of the needless war in Iraq, the core problem overwhelming the VA is duplicate medical care caused by Medicare Part D.  This is the prescription drug plan passed under Bush II.  The original plan was for those who oversee Medicare to go out and directly market all prescriptions  drugs to seniors at highly discounted to free rates.  This meant Medicare such as it is done within the capitalist system would go out and buy the drugs in the free market system.

The Corporatists and Republicans realized allowing Medicare to buy the drugs in the free market system would bring down the price of the drugs.  This is basic capitalist economics 101.  The corporatists and Republicans being opposed to capitalism and a free and open market system said no.  They did the same thing with Obamacare and then sued the administration for agreeing to their plan.

100's of thousands of seniors on Medicare cannot still afford their prescription drugs under Medicare Part D.  The VA system in terms of care is very complex.  It is highly driven by federal regulations [CFRs] which decide who gets what kind of care and how much.  Every veteran is different.

Most seniors over 65 using the VA system only use it for the cheaper prescription drugs.  Yes, they are billed for their prescriptions.  What is happening is, they are seeing private doctors under their Medicare Plan, which in most cases carries a very low deductible.  They are then seeking duplicate care at the VA.  The VA doctors must approve the prescriptions written by the private doctors.  This means the senior who has already been seen by a private doctor outside the VA system, must now be seen by a VA doctor to get their prescriptions approved by the VA.  

We the tax payers for 100's of thousands of senior veterans are paying twice for them to see two different doctors for the same thing.  The VA doctor then approves the prescription drug written by the outside doctor.  The senior veteran than pays about a 1/3rd to the VA  for the prescription drug of what they would have paid had they paid for it under Medicare Part D.

Medicare Part D is costing the taxpayers billions of dollars in duplicate medical billing - private and VA doctors - just so the senior veterans can afford their prescription drugs.

If these veterans could get the same drugs at VA prices without having to go to the VA, the problems at the VA of being overwhelmed would be reduced significantly.

It is time Congress redo Medicare Part D.  It needs to be as originally planned.  Medicare needs to buy the drugs on the open marker such as real capitalism provides and then market them to seniors at the same rate they would pay the VA.  This simple solution will save the taxpayers billions in duplicate medical treatment and billing.


The Republicans represent the corporations and are corporatists.  They are not capitalists.  They lie when they say they want budget reductions.  Here is a simple solution which helps fix the over crowding at the VA and reduces the budget by billions and the Republicans will never agree - why?  It would mean reduced profits for the corporations, and as anti free market corporate welfare advocates the Republicans will never go along.


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"corporatists" is that the same as fascist?

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I think the meaning of both terms seem to be changing, but sooner than later some might say they are interchangeable

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What is rollerball?

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