Monday, July 28, 2014


Lets begin with the person who is suppose to enforce the law -Luis Saenz.

BROWNSVILLE — The Cameron County District Attorney’s Office appears to be conducting an inquiry into information that surfaced during the recent trial of ex-DA Armando R. Villalobos.
This is learned from a request to the federal court by DA Luis V. Saenz’s office for a transcript of the testimony of attorney Oscar de la Fuente Jr."

The above article is over a year old.  Saenz has had a year to indict Oscar de la Fuente based on his confession in federal court - nothing - absolutely nothing.  Saenz will not even indict people who confess so long as they play his game.  But god forbid you refuse to play as a vindictive prick he will ban you from press conferences and convince a grand jury to indict you on ham sandwich type evidence.  Let us not forget the criminal charges he brought against Josefina Canales for calling Yolanda Begum a fake.  He lost that one, and Joe Schneider with the FBI was assigned to investigate the alleged $6,000 bribe by Alex Begum to Luis Saenz to get the criminal charges filed against Josefina Canales.

The BV broke the story about how Tony Martinez failed to file the conflict of interest form during the Casa de Nylon purchase.  [Its sale will be on the next city agenda] His law firm was representing the seller.  This is a slam dunk criminal case, and Saenz does nothing - well unless you are a middle class female from a small city then he will put the full force of his office against you for the same crime - but millionaire men are immune.

The BV broke the story a full 8 months before any other blogger was even capable of understanding the issue.  The city of Brownsville allows for the spending of less than $35,000 by the city without city commission consent or even knowledge.  This inept city commission has not only not stopped Tony Martinez's reckless spending, they have gone along with it when allowed to vote on matters.

The BV, and only the BV has now documented through emails the conspiracy to destroy TSC headed by Tony Martinez and Rose Gowen at the city level.  They used the under $35,000 rule to hire the wife of federal judge Andrew Hanen to carry out the conspiracy.  Yea, like anyone is going to open a criminal investigation which leads to federal judge Hanen calling a meeting in his home offering TSC trustees to mediate the problems at the same time his wife was conspiring against TSC.  He should be impeached.

He has a corrupt DA in his back pocket to insure criminal conduct is not prosecuted.  He involved the wife of a federal judge to keep the DOJ under control and he orchestrates certain votes for certain city commissioners in exchange for their silence and support.

Long ago this city commission could have ended the Diane Dillard affaire.  They chose not to.  Every commissioner was informed the decision to object to the release of documents the AG eventually ordered released to me belong to them, and not Tony Martinez.  Every city commissioner refused to act to protect their rights.

I know of several votes wherein in exchange for silence and cooperation city commissioners got what they wanted.  Tony Martinez is the deal maker.  He goes to the city commissioner and offers to insure they have the votes they need for what they want.  The city commissioner then plays along with Tony.

Yes, Tony is behind what is happening - but it is the city commission playing along so they can get what they want. 

I would personally walk with my cane all of Brownsville with any well organized group willing to bust their chops to seek a recall election of the entire city commission and Tony Martinez.  But I know the people - they whine then wine and then go to sleep.

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