Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I will try and go by the courthouse today to see if any more information is ready.  I will also be dropping off a demand letter for Joe Rivera.  Something is amiss and I want to know what.  It could be simple incompetence by Joe Rivera's staff.

In the Villalobos case every time something was filed sealed there was a motion to seal and order.  In the case of the politiqueras the computer data base available to the public shows no motion or order.  It also shows no future dates for hearings.  There is always a future date for status.

When I asked the county clerk for a copy of the file so I could get a copy of the order and motion to seal I was told they are sealed.  You cannot seal an order to seal.  The order is the proof that a court has ordered the Informations [remember an Information is like an indictment but the term used in a misdemeanor case].

I will give Joe Rivera one week to produce the order and motion to seal or I will seek relieve in district court through a trial mandamus.  The public has an absolute right to the order and motion to seal.


It seems to me something happened which forced the AG's hand to prematurely file.  There is clearly information in the Informations they do not want us to see.  In most cases limitations on a misdemeanor is 2 years - again in most cases.  I really have no interest in  researching limitation on each charge to see if there is a variance from the general rule.  Limitations may be why they filed when they did.  They had to file by the approximate date when the politiquera acted, and not the run-off date - July 31, 2014.  This only reinforces that there is more to come.  Why seal the Informations?  It also indicates the additional charges may be felonies - a longer limitations date.


I discounted as a distraction a post which stated a lot of the politiqueras worked for free against anyone tied to Yolanda Begum.  Remember it was Alex Begum, through CAVA, who put of the $500 reward for information leading to the charging of a politiquera.  The argument went the politiqueras were so mad they just worked against anyone tied or associated with Yolanda Begum.

I discounted the argument because no one is going to convince me candidates hiring politiqueras did not know they would break the law.  Of course they knew.  But was I partly wrong?

Linda Salazar who ran unopposed had 146 mail ballots.  She had no reason to pay anyone anything.  But it is plausible the politiqueras worked her campaign for free as a way to send a message to Begum.. To be clear, I have no problem with the reward issue.  My issue was CAVA hiding the fact Begum was funding the reward, and then Jim Barton retracting his claim after he got taken to task for it.

Linda Salazar . 8,256 100.00 146 4,881 3.229   Source

So it is plausible that some of the high numbers for some of the candidates was not because any candidate paid for the politqueras to secure that many votes, but because the politiqueras were reacting to Begum's conduct in offering a reward.  Begum's own actions may have cost her the election.

Do not get me wrong - politiqueras were paid to harvest mail-ballots.  No one is ever going to convince me otherwise.   The question is, who did the paying.  If politiqueras who were not charged come forward and testify the politiqueras worked some campaigns for free because they felt Begum was unjustly attacking them [nothing unjust in the attacks by the way] the AG could have egg on his face if he charges any candidate on weak evidence.

For sure something is up.  There have to be felony indictments coming around the corner - there is no other reason why the Informations are sealed.  We will see how Joe Rivera reacts to the threat of a lawsuit to release the Order and Motion to Seal.  These are clearly public documents.  He has no legal authority to hold them.

The only good news out of all of this - the virus of the politiqueras is dead and that is good.

But it is only dead as to the harvesting of mail ballots.  Other angles are being worked.  They paying of cyberpolitiqueros and not reporting it.  The paying of adult day care workers to influence how people vote is also being investigated.  Both of these viruses also need to be killed off.




Anonymous said...

Good job !

Anonymous said...

Alex Begum made it very public that he would give a five thousand dollard reward to anybody who would help uncover and prosecute voter fraud, never mentioning politiqueras, it was not CAVA and it was not $500.00, get your facts right, there were many people that wanted to talk, but got scared of the consequences

BobbyWC said...

Cava was very open about the reward and Barton retracted his statement that Begum was putting up the money,

When the time is right the printouts will be produced to the right people

Bobby WC