Thursday, July 3, 2014


Based on my discussions with numerous state party officials, Hinojosa remains the party chair because it was viewed as impossible to change party chairs on the eve of a major election.  More and more party officials are learning the truth about Gilbert Hinojosa.

In my research I have learned something which not only raises major ethical concerns about Hinojosa, but also current County Commissioners Sanchez and Dominguez.

The Texas Ethics Commission has put very tight restrictions on their practice of law in Cameron County.  The case originated with Gilberto Hinojosa but the ruling equally applies to Sanchez and Dominguez.

The BV will begin the process of researching whether or not Sanchez and Dominguez are in  compliance with the ruling.

I have a person telling me Hinojosa did not follow the disclosure rules while representing her.  I will also be doing an open records request to determine if Hinojoa and his partner and associates obtained the necessary consent from the county.

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"The committee said Hinojosa and his partners could continue to practice if they provide full disclosure of the implications and possible adverse consequences of the conflict of interest. They would have to specifically obtain consent from not only their clients, but from the county, the committee's opinion reflects."


"In October 1999, the same ethics committee ruled that the practice of a commissioner in his county's courts also is a violation of the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct unless the commissioner obtained effective consent."

If Cascos wins come November the Texas Democratic Party will have no choice but to dump Hinojosa.  If he cannot carry his own county which is a Democratic stronghold, how can anyone expect him to get Democrats to turn out statewide?

I expect the Rivera/Cascos campaign to be dirty - very dirty.  This is a battle for Hinojosa's political life.

I have so many documents on Hinojosa I cannot even begin to process them all.  I will not even attempt to try.  My time constraints are such I cannot follow the story through.

But let there be no mistake, someone will pick up on this story.  Hinojosa is the poster boy of LRGV dirty politics.  As the evidence is developed Joe Rivera and Juan Magallanes will either have to renounce their association with Hinojosa or fall to their Republican opponents.

Months before Oscar Garcia chose to run as  a Republican the BV did a story that the Republicans would be remiss in their duties if they did not run more candidates.  Come November the Republicans may come to regret not running more candidates.

It is any one's guess what will happen - but mud will be slung left and right and the BV will not be found defending Hinojosa on anything, unless what is being published is a verifiable lie.  But given the overwhelming amount of evidence against Hinojoa I cannot see why anyone would have to print a lie when there I so much truth available to take him down for good.


Anonymous said...

"Come November the Republicans may come to regret not running more candidates."

No they won't. All they need is Cascos to win. Because Cascos is so athletic and calm, not like that fat bully who cheats on his campaign reports.

Anonymous said...

Cascos is a whimp. Joe Rivera is going to eat him up. The Democrats have a big surprise for the whimp Cascos.